Wall Sconce – What is it?

sconce1A wall sconce is a light fixture that is attached in a way that only uses a wall for support.  There are no wires dangling to a socket and they are not suspended from anything. They can be very lovely to look at and also provide a great source of light. Wall sconces are typically used in bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, living room and patios, but they can be placed in practically any room. Sconces come in many shapes, sizes and varieties and can go with any style of decor.

Some wall sconces look like a small lampshade, have arms coming out of the wall, while others are more flush against the wall. Some sconces point light upwards to the ceiling while others cast downward light.  Choosing the right wall sconce for your space depends on what purpose it is to be used for and what style you are trying to achieve.

wall sconceWall sconces typically are used in hallways because they take up very little space and can be wired to a switch.  Multiple sconces can be placed a few feet apart shedding light on a pathway. Sconces can also be used to frame in a mirror, by placing one on each side, as oftentimes seen in a bathroom around the vanity area.  They also are used a lot in bedrooms, by placing one on each side of the bed as a reading light source.

wall sconce upwardThere are many different styles of sconces from modern and contemporary to very traditional.  They can be made out of thousands of different materials and can even be made custom to match your existing decor. Ask an expert lighting technician what type would suit your room best, and if your room has the correct wiring for the fixture.

Wall sconces can be a great choice for many different spaces.  Come in to our Seattle or Bellevue showroom today to check out our extensive selection of wall sconces for any room!