Vanity Lighting

Excellent Option for Bathroom Lighting at our Seattle Store
Excellent Option for Bathroom Lighting at our Seattle Store

We spend more time in the powder room than we ever did before.  Personal grooming standards have shot up and our bodies and images are under a microscope. Having proper lighting in your bathroom vanity area is essential to make sure you get the job done right and get it done quickly!

Today’s more luxurious bathrooms require different styles and sizes of vanity lighting. It is important to find vanity lighting that provides enough “task lighting” illumination but also it must go with the rest of the decor and feel of the room.

It’s important to keep in mind the vanity lighting fixtures size, shape, style and location when looking for the right fit for your bathroom.  Here are some basic tips on how to choose a vanity lighting fixture that will work for you:


Choosing the right size and amount of light that you need is crucial.  Think about how many lights you will need.  If you are using the traditional “light bars”, they usually come with 2 – 4 lights on them. Keep in mind the width of your vanity and make sure that your light fixture(s) that you choose do not expand wider than that.  If you have a long, spread out vanity, consider using multiple vanity lights scattered above sinks to achieve the appropriate look and illumination.


Think about the rest of the room when choosing the “finish” of the vanity lighting you are choosing.  What do your existing sink faucets look like? Do you have any other hardware that should be considered when picking out the finish? The vanity lights you choose should coordinate with the rest of the fixtures in the room.  If your faucets are chrome and shiny, you should look for fixtures that reflect the same style.  There are many different types of finishes that vanity light fixtures can come in and finding the right kind can tie the whole room together.


Choosing the style for your vanity lighting can be challenging because there are so many different styles to choose from. Choose a fixture that fits your personality but also goes with the overall look and feel of the bathroom and run with it.  If your room is modern or contemporary, go for a more minimal design, but if your room is luxurious and detailed a more traditional style might fit better.

If you’re having a hard time finding what vanity lighting would work best in your home, bring a picture or two in to one of our stores in Bellevue or Seattle today to let our expert lighting specialists help you out. Our vast inventory and custom shop will give you plenty of quality options at a great price.