Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing under cabinet lighting to your kitchen can be a subtle, yet very functional, addition to improve your space.  This is especially true for small kitchens.  Most kitchens do not have adequate lighting for performing tasks, and under-cabinet lighting can help you illuminate common areas where work needs to be done without compromising on space or decor.

Under cabinet lights provide an evenly distributed light source that adds function and style to your kitchen or space.  They can be secured to the bottom of cabinets or bookshelves to either help perform a task or light up a decorative feature or space.  They are becoming very common in other areas besides the kitchen, like the bathroom and home office.

Most under cabinet lights are energy efficient and do not burn too warm, yet still give off the same amount of light and color that traditional bulbs would.  These lights are fairly easy to install and can be wired into your electrical system or plugged into an outlet.

Speak with one of Harold’s Lighting experts to learn more about under cabinet lighting and to see if it would be a good option for your home!