Task Lighting – Shed Light on Your Daily Activities

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.kichler.com/consumer/help_page
Photo Courtesy of : kichler.com

Continuing with our Finding Your Lighting Solutions spotlight on our blog, Task Lighting would be your next layer to add to a space or room.  Task lighting illuminates areas where daily activities are done.  This type of lighting brightens up certain areas for activities that require brighter lights, like reading, cooking, personal grooming, and studying.

Task lighting is designed to provide clarity and aid in performing a task.  It provides direct light to an area so that a person can see what they’re doing more effectively.  Properly applied task lighting is free of glares and shadows.

Photo Courtesy of: http://solflexphilippines.blogspot.com/2012/11/task-lighting.html
There are many different lighting sources that can be used for task lighting.  Recessed bulbs, track lighting, pendant lighting are common task lighting sources.  Many kitchens use undercabinet lights, while most offices and reading areas use desk lamps, floor lamps and vanity lights.

Our Harold’s Lighting stores in Seattle and Bellevue have huge showrooms with many different examples of task lighting.  Our expert lighting staff are ready to help you find the right fixtures and lighting techniques to illuminate and balance your home.