Sloped Ceiling Lighting

Having a sloped ceiling in your home can add to the architecture of your home and look really nice. It can, however, present a few interior design challenges. Selecting the right lighting fixtures for your sloped ceiling can be challenging, but if done right can look amazing and be very effective.

When you look for the right fixture for your ceiling, you need to make sure the fixtures you’re looking at will not be affected when hung at an angle. There are many styles of lighting fixtures that will work on a sloped roof, and each can set a different mood for the room.

vintage4Chandeliers are often a great option for sloped ceilings. Sloped ceilings are many times in an entryway, so a chandelier is an obvious choice. It is a great option for uneven ceilings because it hangs from the ceiling and the angle at the point of contact doesn’t interfere with the light.  They can come in tons of styles, sizes and colors to complete the “look” with any existing decor.

pendantPendants are similar to chandeliers, as they also dangle from the ceiling. Pendants can be very versatile and more than one can be used in a small space. Pendants can be used for task or ambient lighting, making them very versatile.

Track Lighting is also a great option for sloped ceilings. The light is a “track” of light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The lights on the track can be moved around to point in different directions. This type of lighting is usually used for task lighting (highlighting a particular area or object), but can also be used for ambient lighting.

If you have a sloped roof, you have many lighting options.  It may take a little more planning, but when you get it right it can really make a difference in a room.

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