Selecting the Best Lighting For Your Home

Harold's LightingMost homeowner’s overlook the impact good lighting can have on their home’s overall atmosphere and feeling. You typically don’t notice lighting in a room if it’s well done, but when it’s not done well, it can pull the eye in a negative way. Lighting is first and foremost designed just to help you see the tasks you’re trying to perform, but it can also add to the ambience, aesthetics and decor to your home in a very positive way.

The first thing you should do when trying to plan out your lighting options for your home is to determine what your lighting goals are. What activities will take place in each room? Achieving a balance between the different lighting styles is important in each and every room.  It’s a good idea to use multiple light sources for one space to create the right balance and to appease the mind.

Use direct and task lighting in areas where there are tasks and work to be done, and ambient lighting for a general overall illumination in an room. Once you know where you need the different types of lighting, you’ll be able to start choosing fixtures.

pendant2Keep in mind which room you are working with when you choose your fixtures. If your room has high ceilings, or modern decor, consider using recessed light fixtures. These recessed lights are inset to the ceiling to provide a flush and clean look that can help illuminate an entire room without distracting or pulling the eye.  If the room is a nursery, don’t forget about night lighting. You could install a dimmer on a pendant or wall sconce that will help you see when you’re rocking your baby to sleep or keeping monsters away.  If you’re looking for lighting for your pendantdining room, choose a chandelier that go with the surrounding decor and will last years without being dated. Also, choose one that isn’t too big for the space and will allow enough clearance from the table below when hung.

Planning out where and what type of lighting is needed in each room is very important to achieving optimal light levels.  If in doubt, consult an expert.  Expert lighting specialists know what will work and what will draw the eye in a negative way. Call the Harold’s Lighting store near you today for advice or come in to check out our amazing lighting options!