Repair & Reuse Your Light Fixtures!

Don’t throw away that light fixture that you’ve loved forever but doesn’t work anymore–bring it in! Our lighting repair shop in Seattle is here to help! Our Seattle lighting store is also a full service manufacturing, restoration and repair facility.

Need to rewire a European light fixture to American standards? We can do it! We also specialize in building custom light fixtures in Seattle. We’ve turned just about everything into a lamp–wine bottle, vases, urns, figurines, you name it!

Check your storage room, we bet you have a lamp base or shade you’re just waiting to get refurbished! Do you have an heirloom or urn that could look amazing as a lamp base? Bring in your broken lamp, lamp shade, or light fixture!


One of our favorite things to do is take something old and make it new again. Let us help you pick out the right shade for your antique lamp base or antique chandelier. We’ve got a huge selection of shades in stock and can also custom make a lamp shade out of any fabric.

Harold Lighting’s expert lighting technicians will get your precious fixture fixed or built in a jiffy! You can trust our experts to find the best and safest way to fix it.

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