Pre Holiday Home Checklist – Declutter Challenge

The holidays are just around the corner. Our homes are about to get a lot busier. Now is the time to prepare for the whirlwind to come! We’ve put together a quick checklist of things you can do over the next few weeks to prepare your home for busier times, more people, and more new stuff coming in the door!


Now is the time to get rid of the useless items laying around your house. Go through every room and empty all of your garbage cans, and while you’re in there, look in every nook and cranny for any items that can be thrown out. Be realistic here… are you really ever going to get around to fixing that broken item? Toss it out!

Throw that mismatched sock that’s been waiting for it’s mate for 3 months in the laundry room. Go through your fridge and freezer and check leftovers and expiration dates. Check your bathroom and bedroom for any expired medicine and toiletries (shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, etc). Throw out / recycle any old magazines or mail.


The kitchen is oftentimes the most used room in the house during the holidays. It’s time to get this fan favorite room in tip top shape!

Remove the clutter from your kitchen counters. Find a place for items and appliances that aren’t used daily. A clean and clear countertop is what dream kitchens are made of.

Go through your cabinets and check expiration dates and usefulness of the items inside. Make a list of things you’re low on, and restock them. Throw out old spices, oils or anything else that hasn’t been used in over a year. Donate any food that you know will go to waste or that your family won’t eat.

Go over your kitchen’s workflow and see if there’s a better layout or place things could go. Make your Thanksgiving day feast go as smoothly as possible with a well laid out and efficient kitchen. Check your lighting sources. Are you constantly squinting to try and read your recipes? It may be time to rethink the lighting layout of your kitchen. Could you benefit from some under cabinet light fixtures? They’re easy to install and can be a great addition.

Under cabinet lighting can greatly increase your kitchen's efficiency!
Under cabinet lighting can greatly increase your kitchen’s efficiency!


The living room is another high traffic room during the winter holidays. Make this room feel warm and cozy by removing clutter, and adding space.

Does everything that is in this room actually belong here? Oftentimes we get used to seeing an item in the living room, because it’s been there for so long. The skateboard, magazine pile, or basket of craft items should be stored elsewhere. Remove unnecessary items and make some space.

Clean your couch. Depending on the type of couch you have, you many need to vacuum, shampoo or wipe it down. Take off the cushions and clear it out. You’ll be amazed at what items may be lurking in there!


Before you experience the revolving door of guests, get your bathroom sparkling clean. Then maintenance will be a breeze and you’ll feel more at ease.

Wipe down the inside of drawers and cabinets. Remove old and rarely used items. Do you use all of the items in this room? Remove anything that is unnecessary. A cluttered bathroom, even if it is spotless will look dirty.

We suggest taking a week and focusing on one section. Clear out the garbage in the entire home in week 1, focus on your kitchen in week 2, prepare your living room in week 3, then deep clean your bathroom during week 4. If you do these simple tasks you’ll be able to feel relaxed and ready to welcome whatever the holidays throws at your home!