Outdoor Lighting Issues

exteriorThe issues you face with lighting problems indoors are different than the problems you’ll face with exterior lighting. While you may have reflection and glare issues indoors, that may not be your problem outdoors. Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight architecture, plant life, and provide illumination in areas that need it at night.

Exterior lights can be placed just about anywhere, but there are areas where you shouldn’t overlook. Placing these lights in these areas is important for safety and convenience:

  • Pathways – Well lit pathways leading up to and around your entryway and home can create an inviting atmosphere as well as let people know where to go. 
  • Steps – Illuminating the area around steps outdoors is very important for safety. There are many different methods that can be used. Stairs, especially outdoors, are one of the most common places where injuries happen.
  • Entryways – People need to know where to go when they get to your home at night, so place foutsideixtures on both sides of your door or overhead lights to illuminate your front door, side doors and back door.
  • Driveways – Not much light is needed here, but if you have a tricky driveway or a hazardous area or post in the way, it may be wise to use low lights to show drivers where they can and cannot drive.

Placing lights in these areas will not only make your home look more inviting and cozy, it can help keep your company safe and injury free. Our Harold’s Lighting showrooms in Seattle and Bellevue, WA have tons of amazing exterior light fixtures to choose from. Stop on by today!