New Trend – Copper Finish

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Photo from Estiluz

Copper is finding its way into beautiful homes around the nation this year. Copper can be used for furniture/decor accessories, kitchen sinks and bathroom tubs, and even (you guessed it) lighting fixtures. Copper is a beautiful metal that casts a lovely warm glow, and can be used in many different styles.

Wrought iron, silver, nickel and stainless steel have been the go-to metal for many years in lighting design, but this year copper has made itself known! Customers across the nation are asking for it, and our lighting companies are providing excellent, beautiful options to suit every customer’s design needs.

Copper accents and light fixtures can be made to suit any decor, whether it is modern, contemporary, traditional, or country. Copper can be manipulated many different ways – it can be shiny and polished new, or oxidized and vintage looking.

The gorgeous color that copper gives off creates a warm feeling. It can compliment all other metal finishes and “go” with any existing decor or color. It is truly versatile and can be used in practically every room in the home. Copper light fixtures can come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. They can also be available for any budget, as there are options ranging on the lower and upper end of the price range scale.

So wether you are looking for a large striking copper light fixture, or a small copper accent piece, come in to Harold’s Lighting in Seattle or Bellevue today to check out our large selections of the new copper lighting trend!