Make your home feel brighter this winter.

Some of you may now be feeling like winter is never going to end. These dark days can really take a toll on your emotional well being. We’ve come up with a few ways you can make your home feel brighter.

#1. Remove your window screens.

Chances are, you won’t be needing to open your windows for a few months. This means you won’t be needing your window screens! Window screens block extra light that is trying to come through your windows. They’re easy to remove and can make your home look better from the outside as well. And while you’re at it – clean your windows! You’ll be amazed at the difference even that can make!

#2. Brighten up your decor.

Winter decor tends to be a little more dreary and darker than summer decor. This shouldn’t be the case! Use lighter colored decor to help bounce light around the room and to help bring a little more cheer into your space. Replace dark slipcovers on chairs and couches with lighter ones, use bold colors in decorations, and if you’re not using curtains for insulation, switch them out for a lighter color or more transparent fabric.

#3. Swap out your light bulbs.

Now is the time to reevaluate the coloring of your home’s light bulbs. Warm white, cool white, and daylight bulbs are all very different and can greatly change the feel of a room. Some bulbs work better in some rooms than others. Refer to our posts on different types of light bulbs for help on selecting the right type of light bulbs for your home.

#4. Hang a mirror (or two).

Hanging a mirror can do a lot for a space. It can make it seem larger and also bounce light around the room without causing too much of a glare. Smartly placed mirrors are an interior designers best tool!

And there you have it! A few tips to help you feel less drowned in dreary this wet wintery season. Do you have any other suggestions or tips? Share them on our Facebook wall!