Lighting Tips for your Whole Home

pendant2Good lighting in a home is hard to notice because it was done right. Bad lighting, however, can almost always be spotted, especially if you’re trying to perform a task. Lighting can help you accomplish tasks, improve the overall ambiance of your home, and bring the whole “look” together. Each room’s lighting should be thought about when designing your home, and we’ve put together some tips to help you cover all the bases.

What are you lighting goals for each room? Each room in the home should have a general mood that you’re trying to convey, and using different types of lighting sources can help you achieve these goals. Direct and task lighting fixtures can help you focus light on areas where tasks are performed while other types of lighting can help you create ambient lighting to help soften and relax a space.

Safe Lighting. When planning the exterior lighting of your home, safety should be your priority. Walkways, sidewalks, stairs and decks should be properly lit so visitors can navigate easily. Any hazards (rocks, dips, etc) should be illuminated to minimize injuries. Exterior lighting can be inviting (see our post on that), when done correctly, but safety should be your #1 priority in this area.

Utilize recessed lighting. Recessed cans are great for high ceilings and modern decor. They provide an overall glow without distracting the eye. Recessed cans can be directional and can even be attached to a dimmer to give you the option to change the level of brightness in the space.

Be strategic in children’s rooms. Children’s rooms can be really fun to design lighting work for. Many people forget, however, that they should have a plan for night lighting. Night lights can help small children sleep better and be safer when late night trips to the bathroom spring up. A wall sconce with a dimmer near a changing table or rocking chair can help mothers move about the room without disrupting the baby’s sleep.

Choose your fixtures wisely. Choose chandeliers and pendants wisely. When picking them ask yourself, will this look good in this space in 5 years? Oftentimes chandeliers can date a space, especially if the decor around it changes over time. Keep it classic and simple to avoid having to replace it often.

Don’t be shy when planning out the lighting in your home, our expert lighting specialists at our Bellevue, WA and Seattle, WA lighting stores are ready to help you find the right pieces for any space.