Lighting Techniques for Exteriors

Beautiful Exterior Lights at Harold’s Lighting

Using the right techniques for lighting the exterior of your home or building can be really important.  Correct lighting techniques can help highlight important features as well as create depth and character to a home and yard.

Here are some common techniques many designers use to balance the exterior of a structure:

  • Highlighting: This is one of the most common techniques used in outdoor lighting. Many people highlight an object or feature by placing a spotlight at the base of the feature.  Different effects can be achieved by playing with the distance or angle of the spotlight and sometimes 2 or more lights can be used for larger areas. Some common items people like to highlight are trees, posts, and architectural features.
  • Silhouetting: This technique provides a great backdrop and can add depth. A silhouette is achieved by placing a spotlight behind an object casting light around it and producing an outline.  This effect is commonly used with smaller plants, like bushes or small trees.
  • Path Lighting:  This is another very common techniques.  It is one of the most practical and useful ways to feature an outdoor path.  This is when smaller lights are placed along a pathway to illuminate the area.  Small lights are often put along walkways, driveways, patio edges or dangerous areas to make sure that people can see where they’re going.  It’s important to find lights that are out of the way and will not be kicked or driven over.

Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle has many different outdoor lighting styles to choose from.  Their expert staff can help you find the right lights to help illuminate and bring your yard and home to life.