Lighting in Children’s Bedrooms

Planning out decor and lighting for a child’s room can be really fun.  There are many styles and options of light fixtures to choose from and a variety of different color schemes to work for any child’s preference. Lighting is one of the most overlooked design and function element in every room  but it is one of the most important.  This is especially true in a child’s room where many activities are conducted.

As with any other bedroom, having many layers of different lighting types is important. Ambient lighting is the foundation, creating an overall glow and illuminating a large area (typically overhead fixtures, recessed cans, etc). Task lighting is added to illuminate specific areas where activities that need extra light. Accent lighting is the third layer, and can be used to highlight certain design elements in the room such as a painting, column or archway.

These light layers can be achieved by using different types of light fixtures in strategic areas of the room.  Lamps can be used for task lighting in areas where a child might stop to read a book or draw a picture. Sconces on the wall can be used to frame a picture or light up a hallway to a bathroom. Using the rooms floor plan in conjunction with the lighting styles you’ll need will help you find the right balance.

The most important thing to keep in mind when planning lighting for a child’s room is safety.  When choosing light fixtures, remember that they are to be installed in a room where balls might be thrown around or small hands may reach.  Find fixtures that aren’t easily breakable (wood fixtures instead of glass), and that won’t get too hot if in reach of a child. Young children can easily knock over a floor lamp or table lamp, so if possible, secure them to a table or wall.

Many people pick out fixtures that end up being too small for their child’s room.  Don’t be afraid to pick out a fixture that is large and commands attention. Also, find fixtures that provide the most function.  Reading lamps that are adjustable can be a life saver when trying to get a child to sleep.

Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue offers many different fixtures that would be perfect for any child’s room, at any age. Stop on by our showrooms and ask a lighting specialist to find a lighting solutions for your home.