Lighting For Each Room In Your Home

penant4When thinking about your lighting options for your home, you should always try and mix different light sources at different levels to create a good balance and flatter the features of the room. We’ve broken down a few tips for each room in the home to help you achieve lighting greatness.

Living Room
Use a combination of light sources when planning out the lighting for this room.  Use table lamps and floor lamps that alternate shining light downwards and upwards as well as a source from the ceiling if possible (recessed cans, a pendant or chandelier). Light up 3 corners of this room, and have one of the sources focusing on an object (a painting, plant or cool living room chair).

Dining Room
The table should be the focus of this room, so make this the brightest area. Using a chandelier or pendant will help draw people in with an inviting feeling.  Everywhere else in this room should have indirect lighting sources, if necessary, to create a soft glow.

Start planning the lighting in your kitchen with overhead light sources. This whole room should be able to be fully illuminated so that you can see what you are doing.  Recessed lighting cans are a great option. After the ceiling lights are figured out, plan out your task lighting around areas where activities (cooking, cutting, washing, etc.) will be done.  Under cabinet lights are a great option and can be turned off when not in use, as well as pendants over a kitchen bar or even track lighting can be suitable.

Bedroom lighting should give off a comfortable, inviting and warm feeling. Again, it’s best to layer your lighting sources. Place table lamps on bed side tables for reading and task lighting, or sconces that can be turned on and off at the source on either side of the bed.

The bathroom is the king for task lighting.  So many “tasks” are done in this room that need adequate lighting.  Personal grooming requires a bright light source around the mirror and vanity area, and sconces, and overhead bulbs are a popular source.

chandelier5A good mix of light sources in every room is essential to a comfortable, inviting atmosphere in every home. Ask a lighting expert near you today about what would work in your home.