Kitchen Pendant Lighting


Kitchen pendant lighting, if used correctly, can offer a great light source and finish of the look and feel of a room.  There are many different styles to choose from and they can be installed just about anywhere.  Kitchen pendant lights can be extremely practical and beautiful.

A pendant can help you illuminate a specific task area while updating your decor. Some pendants offer more direct light while others can illuminate an entire area. If you are wanting to avoid the circles of bright light that some pendants can cause, consider using a pendant light with a diffuser or use another type of light bulb.

When choosing the right kitchen pendant light for your home keep in mind that the larger the area you want the light to illuminate, the larger the pendant will need to be.  Smaller pendants are great for smaller areas, or they can be combined in a row or cluster to help illuminate a larger space.

Kitchen Pendant
So Many Options for Kitchen Pendants at Harold’s Lighting

When installing kitchen pendant lighting make sure you space it out correctly.  Typically pendants should hang 12-20 inches below an 8 foot ceiling (for every foot higher, add 3 more inches to the pendant).  There should also be at least a 30-36 inch clearing from the work space below.

Pendants for the kitchen come in a variety of styles. Modern glass and chrome pendants provide a more clean and sleek mood while ornate chandeliers can be more traditional or cozy.

As you can see, kitchen pendant lighting is a great way to help add color, charm and function to your kitchen.  Ask one of our expert lighting staff members to help you find the perfect pendant for your kitchen.