Inviting Lighting

The right lighting can make your home look more inviting and draw people near. Exterior home lighting can help highlight your home’s architecture, provide a safe pathway for people to walk on as well as set the mood of your home.

exteriorlanternThe color temperature and light level of your exterior home lighting should be set to help guests and passersby feel welcome. Any directional light fixtures (such as floodlights) should be angled in a way that wouldn’t distract or glare directly into someone’s eyes. Pathways should be lit up along the way so that people will know where they can walk, and it’s important to have adequate illumination in entry ways and in areas were people might gather.

If you have a particularly unique home, or a focal point on your property (nice tree or landscaping), lights can help feature that area and distinguish your home from the rest. Landscape lighting can help spread the light out across your property and soften any lighting around your home.

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