How to Choose a Lamp Shade

Lamp Shades In our Seattle Store

Choosing the right lamp shade for your lamp can seem impossible with the thousands of choices of lamp shade size, shape and fabric available. Our expert lighting staff at our Bellevue and Seattle lighting stores are ready and available to help you pick out the best shade for your lamp or we can even customize one with any fabric and shape you choose.

Large Selection Of Lamp Shades

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a shade is size.  If your lamp currently has a shade, and you like the size of it, you can measure the existing shade as a reference.  If you don’t already have a shade, typically we suggest finding a shade that is approximately 65% -80% of the height of the base (measuring base of lamp to the socket).  The width, or diameter of the shade typically shouldn’t exceed the height of the base, and with floor lamps, the shade should be at least three and 1/2 inches from each side of the bulb.

Custom In-Shop Lamp Shades

If you’re going for drama, it’s okay to break the rules to add some excitement to the lamp.  Pair odd shapes together or even colors, but remember to edit yourself and think about the room the lamp will reside in.

At Harold’s Lighting, we have a large selection of lamp shades to choose from and can even custom make shades to specific dimensions and with custom fabric.  Come stop by and see our selection or get advice from our lamp shade experts!