Home Office Lighting

Harold's Custom Shades and Lighting and Repair workWhether or not you use your home office as a full time workspace, good lighting in this room is essential if you want to be sure to get anything done. A well lit home office can make tasks easier and reduce stress on your eyes.

General lighting (ambient lighting) is the key in this room. Home offices should be bright enough to see what you are doing, but not so bright that there are glares on every surface. Computer screens, and even paper can catch a glare from direct light sources.

To reduce glare, avoid placing lighting fixtures directly in front or above your desk. If your desk is in the center of the room consider placing two large fixtures on either side of the desk or even 4 recessed light fixtures spaced out around the room.  The trick is to create an overall glow.

Task lighting is necessary for areas where reading and paperwork are performed. You can use floor or desk lamps in these areas. Track lighting can be used to illuminate artwork or certificates.

If you have any questions about home office lighting call us or stop by our Seattle or Bellevue showrooms. Our expert lighting staff in Bellevue and Seattle are ready to help you create an inviting and productive office in your home.