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Harold’s Lighting History

As the holidays grow closer, it has reminded us to take a minute to reflect on our past and recognize what we’re truly thankful for. Harold’s Lighting has been blest to be providing lighting options and solutions to the great people of the Seattle area since 1957. Tradition is something that runs deep in our culture.

Harold's Lighting Seattle History

Over the years, the lighting industry has changed a lot, and we’ve grown with it. Our employees are true experts in lighting, and we consider each one of them family! View the full history of establishing Harold’s Lighting in Seattle as well as information about our founders and owners here » 

Providing excellent customer service and the best lighting products to our customers has always been our priority. These principles have been past down through the family along with lifetimes of knowledge about the lighting world.

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  1. This is very nostalgic. But you left out Harold’s two daughters, Nancie and Melodee. At one point, it was mainly me (Melodee) and Harold holding down the fort for a few years. I learned everything from hardback shade making to customer service, sales, and even lamp repair. I recall that Harold called me his right hand “man.” for awhile, Then I worked part time as I rode my bike to U of W and back. Also Dusting Dusting and more Dusting. Kim came along behind me very eager to learn everything. That was OK by me, because by that time I was ready to go off and do other things with my BA in Psychology working with Dr. PG Anderson at Agape Family Counseling in South Seattle, Renton. As a side note, I am VERY impressed with how this family business has grown and kept up with the times. I give much of the credit to my brother Kim who has shown incredible talent and artistic sense when it comes to custom lamps and shades.

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