Functional Outdoor Lighting Benefits

outdoor lantern
Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Fixtures at Harold’s Lighting in Seattle.

Whether you’re having an outdoor party, just hanging out with the family, or walking around the outside of your home, it’s important to have proper outdoor lighting to illuminate your landscape areas.  There are many different kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures, and they can serve multiple purposes.

It’s important to think about what outdoor lighting you need before you start buying fixtures. Think about where you will be placing the outdoor light fixtures, and what purpose they will serve.  Outdoor lighting can help provide functional lighting, they can add beauty, and even help make your outdoor space safer.

Increasing the safety of the exterior of your home and outdoor space should come first.  Take time to walk around the property and assess possible danger zones.  Make sure to write these areas down and figure out what type of lighting you’ll use to illuminate these areas.  Many people use zone lighting to illuminate large areas where safety may be a concern.  Another way to do it is to use smaller directional lighting along smaller areas, such as a sidewalk, pathway or stair case.

Outdoor LanternIf your home is lit up from the outside, it will be less tempting for intruders as getting into the home undetected is much harder when there it is illuminated. Some homeowner’s install motion detector lights so that they will turn on if someone is to walk by them.  This also can deter theft and trespassers.

Outdoor lighting can create a whole new landscape when the sun goes down. Different angles of light and shadows can create a beautiful effect if placed correctly. Light fixtures can be positioned to shed light on great landscape fixtures as well as architectural elements of your home.

As you can see, the need for outdoor lighting for every home is essential.  Stop by or call one of our expert lighting specialist today with any of your outdoor lighting questions.