Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

flushmountSemi-flush and flush ceiling light fixtures are staples in lighting design.  They add depth, interest, and provide adequate overall ambient light to a room. Semi-flush lights are suspended from the ceiling, with a small gap between the fixture and the ceiling while flush mounts are secured tightly to the ceiling. Choosing which one will suit your room best depends on many factors, but here are some things you should keep in mind when weighing your options:

What is your style? Is the rest of your room traditional, modern, classic or contemporary? Both types of light fixtures come in many styles and finishes to help match up with the rest of the room’s decor.

flush2Correct sizing. Sizing your light fixtures is very important. Whether you need a few smaller ceiling lights in a row, or a larger one in the middle of a room, keeping the size of the fixture in proportion to the rest of the features of the room is important. Plan out your fixtures according to the dimensions of the room, and keep in mind the electrical code restrictions for the space when choosing which lights to use.

How high? One of the main contributors on whether or not to use a semi-flush mount is ceiling height.  If the room is too small, a dangling light may get in the way or even make the room look smaller than it is. Typically, semi-flush fixtures hang around four to eight inches below the ceiling, so if your ceiling is seven feet, a flush mount may be a better choice. If you ceiling is a vaulted style or cathedral, both flush and semi-flush fixtures may not be appropriate and you may need to invest in a hanging pendant or chandelier.

flushBulb selection. Most flush and semi-flush light fixtures come with instructions for the best bulbs to use with them. Depending on your lighting situation for your room, it may be best to go with a fixture that will provide the most ambient light. If possible, installing a dimmer with these fixtures may be a good idea to help create depth and change the mood in the room for occasions and evening use.

Flush mount fixtures and semi-flush mount fixtures are two of the most common light fixtures installed in any room in houses today. Talk with an expert lighting specialist if you have questions about which light fixtures will work best for your home.