Flush Mount Lighting

Flush Mounted LightsFlush mount light fixtures are one of the most common types of lighting fixtures available on the market.  Their low profile look stays out of the way, and there are many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Flush mount ceiling lights are just what they sound like: they blend in with ceiling without being recessed, and their bases are even with the surface they are mounted on. They create a smooth, even look that can work in virtually any room.  Flush mounted lights are typically used in kitchens, bathrooms, and especially in rooms where the ceiling height is low.

Flush mounted lights come in a variety of styles ranging from contemporary, modern to very traditional and ornate. Some flush mounted lights hang down, suspended a little bit below the ceiling while other drum styles are more compact and flush.  Depending on the style and size of your room, choosing a flushmount light fixture can be difficult because there are so many styles, finishes and sizes to choose from.  If you want advice, our lighting professionals in Bellevue and Seattle can help you choose the right flush mounted fixture for you.