Floor Lamps

Amazing Floor Lamps to Choose From at Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle!

If you live in an older home, it’s likely that your living room wasn’t designed to accommodate a ceiling light fixture. So your room may feel dark and dreary, but don’t fret, you’ve got options.  Floor lamps are a great option for rooms that need extra light, but don’t have a lot of space.

Not only do floor lamps provide a great light source to a room, they also can bring a beautiful, decorative touch. They come in many different styles and sizes, and can easily match the decor of your home or space.

Floor lamps are typically 60-72 inches tall and can come in a variety of styles.  Most have a straight slender post with a shade, but others can have multiple arms that can stretch the light out and provide a more interesting fixture.

Torchiere floor lamps are very common.  They usually have lamp shades that look like a flower, fluted up and and direct the light upwards. These types of floor lamps are typically placed in corners of rooms to create depth and help reflect light around the room on the ceiling and walls.

There are many different styles of floor lamps that have multiple functions.  Some even have a built in reading lamp that can be extended and directed as task lighting. A floor lamp with a post with an arching arm that can be adjusted is sometimes called a “pharmacy lamp” because they are what pharmacists used to use.

Floor lamps can be modern, contemporary, traditional and even abstract. They can have chromed finishes, brushed finishes or even be solid colors. It’s always wise to consult a lighting specialist for the correct type of bulb that should be used with the floor lamp that you choose to make sure your light works properly and is safe.

Consult with a expert lighting specialist today to find a floor lamp that works for your home or office. Stop by our Seattle or Bellevue store or give us a call!