Enhance your curb appeal with exterior lighting!

Looking for ways to enhance your house’s curb appeal? There’s only so much yard work one can handle! The right exterior lighting choices can help create an inviting and open feel. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing exterior lighting options for your home:

Choose a finish on your fixtures that will work with your home’s look AND the local weather. Keep in mind the beating these fixtures will take, they need to be much sturdier than your indoor fixtures. This is not the time to choose just any bargain brand light fixture, you’ll need fixtures that will be able to withstand mother nature’s fury! Our exterior lighting options are made of quality materials and we have fixtures for every budget.

The most popular placement of exterior lighting fixtures is beside the front door. The most common type of fixture in this place is the lantern. If you’re looking to place lanterns on each side of your front door, make sure the height of each lantern is no shorter than one fourth the height of the door itself.  You don’t want the lights to be too low.

If your home’s layout allows for just one light on one side of the door, choose the side with the doorknob. Help people find their way in, and make sure the light isn’t blinding or directed harshly at someone’s face. This single light should be installed no shorter than one third the height of the door.


Enjoy the rest of your summer with inviting and warm exterior lanterns or sconces!