Define a Room Using Light

There are many ways you can define a space or room. Sometimes people use furniture or room dividers to separate a space and “zone” it off. Many people use area rugs, accent walls, or goupings of furniture to separate one area from another.  One of the most effective (yet often forgotten about) ways to separate an area is using light.

Using different lighting techniques to define a room can be done in many ways, including:

Using pendants is the most common way many homeowners and designers separate an area of a room or space.  For example, hanging a pendant or ceiling light above a table or in the middle of the room will draw the eye and separate it from the rest of the areas.  It shows people indirectly that something happens in that area.

Floor Lamps – Arching
If you don’t have the capability of installing a pendant or ceiling light, or if you’re looking for a more portable option, an arching floor lamp is a great option.  It gives the same effect as a pendant or ceiling lamp but can look more modern and sometimes be more cost effective.

Wall sconces can be a great option to highlight certain areas of a room.  Wall mounted lights are a great option for small areas or zoned areas close to a wall or corner.  Common places to install this type of lighting is on either side of a bed, over a side table in a hallway, and over small dining tables or in breakfast nooks.

As you can see, using light to define a space and set it apart can be pretty easy.  Keep in mind the area you are trying to draw attention to or set apart and make sure you choose the best pendant, sconce or floor lamp to do so.