Decorative Lighting

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As the last installment of our Finding Your Lighting Solutions spotlight on our blog, Decorative Lighting is the step where you put your finishing touches to the overall lighting of a room or space.

Decorative Lighting gives you that chance to make a statement with a beautiful fixture or chandelier.

A Vintage Chandelier from our showroom in Seattle

Today there are so many different materials that lighting fixtures can be made out of and the sky is the limit on design.  The right decorative piece can add so much style to a room and give it a unique feel.  The whole overall feel of a room can be changed with one decorative piece.  A room can go from classic to modern just with one light fixture.


Decorative Lighting should always be used in combination with other lighting techniques.  Placement of decorative lighting is very important, and you must make sure there is enough room for it and that it is appropriate for the space.