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Most homeowners select their ceiling fan based on style and price. These factors are important, but other features should be considered before purchasing a fan for your home.

Ceiling fans should be rated based on many things, including: motor, blades, airflow, efficiency and design.

The quality of the ceiling fan is very important. This typically comes down to the motor and materials that are used to make up the blades. The motor is the most important component of an overhead feature. Higher quality fans typically are a little more expensive, but they will last longer and cause you less problems. Everyone has dealt with sleeping in a room with a squeaky ceiling fan. On a hot summer night, debating wether or not you can go without the noise (meaning turning off the fan) shouldn’t even be a question. Make sure you purchase a fan that is made of quality materials and is built to last.

The main purpose of the ceiling fan is to regulate air flow in the space. Some cheaper ceiling fans do a horrible job of moving air. Find a fan that circulates air efficiently and is the proper size for your room. Consider installing two smaller fans instead of one large one if you have an especially large space.  Also make sure the blades on your fan are at the right pitch (angle) and size as they can be a major contributor to proper air circulation.

The design of the fan is without a doubt, very important. Ceiling fan design over the last few years has changed a lot. Fans come in a variety of different shapes, designs and finishes, and can even be customized to match the rest of the decor of your room. You shouldn’t need to sacrifice any aesthetic appeal when you install a ceiling fan. There are too many beautiful options to choose from, wether your style is classic, contemporary, abstract or modern.

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Do a little research before selecting your fan to be sure you’re purchasing a fixture that will last a long time, is efficient, does the job, and looks nice!

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