Capture Fall with Stained Glass

As the leaves are starting to change and fall, we are reminded of the classic elegance that stained glass can bring to any room. As the sun starts to set a little earlier think about brightening up your space with a beautiful stained glass lamp or stained glass pendant!


Stained glass is truly an art form. Each individual piece is hand selected and soldered into place carefully by the artist. Stained glass lamp shades have been a classic staple in many homes and they can help set a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. These are not a one-size-fits-all option, but can be appropriately installed in just about any room in a home.

Stained Glass Lamp
Beautiful Stained Glass Lamp at Harold’s Lighting

Stained glass light fixtures give off a warm glow, and can be as much of a focal point in a room as a piece of art or sculpture would be. These fixtures are made with care, and are made to last both physically and aesthetically.

Though typically thought of as fixtures in a home office, billiard room, or living room, many people have been able to incorporate stained glass lighting in bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms!

Harold’s Lighting stores in Seattle and Bellevue carry one of the largest selections of stained glass lighting in Washington state! We have classic Tiffany lamps, Tiffany pendants, Tiffany chandeliers and more! Come on by and pick up a piece of art to add to one of your rooms today!

Vintage Fresh Looks

Another big trend in lighting this year is “Vintage Fresh”.  This technique takes vintage light fixture silhouettes and puts a fresh twist on them. Vintage inspired rooms are extremely popular with interior designers, and can look very updated surprisingly.  A vintage fresh light fixture can work with modern, traditional, contemporary or any other style room.

Mid-Century Modern light fixtures are extremely popular this year. They pull inspiration from styles from around 1933 – 1965 and bring them up to speed with modern lighting techniques and styles.  Many fixtures of this style are inspired by famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames.

Industrial Light fixtures are again, also very popular. America’s factories and farms used to be lit up with hardworking, durable and heavy duty industrial light fixtures. Their sockets were bare and the turnkey switches were purely functional instead of fashionable. Now, this blue-collar inspired look can be seen in any sized room, no matter how fancy.

Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle has many different Vintage light fixture styles to choose from in our showroom, or you can bring in an real vintage fixture to be restored. We can build something custom for your room or space and help you bring “Vintage Fresh” to your home.