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We’ve hit the busiest time of the year. Stress levels run a little high in December, and the last thing we want to do is run another errand. That’s why many of us turn to one of the best inventions of our time – online shopping!

Shopping online, especially this time of year, can help simplify your life. Why not shop for your lighting fixtures, bulbs and parts online?

Harold’s Lighting is a traditional lighting store in Seattle, but we’re not scared of changing with the times. Use our online store to shop for light fixtures (all types), a variety of light bulbs (including those hard-to-find bulbs), and lighting controls and parts. Check out our lighting fixtures on sale, our current lighting specials, and our clearance section for the best deals.

Our online lighting store is easy to use. You can search by light fixture type, brand, height, width and even by price. The checkout process is quick and before you know it, your new lighting product will be on its way to you!

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Task Lighting Basics

photo cred – Kichler.com

After Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting (also known as direct lighting) would be the next layer to think about when choosing lighting options for your space.

Task lighting is designed to help you preform certain activities (hence the name “task”). It brightens up a certain area. Task lighting is great for areas of your home where activities are done that require more light (examples – reading, cooking, grooming or studying).

This type of lighting is designed to help provide clarity and aid in task performance. The direct light it sheds on an area helps a person see more clearly what they are doing and can help increase productivity. Proper task lighting also doesn’t cast a glare or distracting shadows.

Track lighting, undercabinet lighting, recessed bulbs, and pendant lighting are common light sources for task lighting. Offices and living rooms can use lamps or floor lamps and vanity lights to achieve a good balance of ambient and task lighting.

Our lighting stores in Seattle and Bellevue, WA have large showrooms with a ton of task lighting options. We have lamps, floor lamps, vanity lights, pendants, chandeliers, undercabinet lights, and much more! Stop by or call us today and let us help you light your home right!

Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

pendant2Many interior designers are called upon to “fix” an area or room in a home, and many times all they really need to do is change up the client’s existing lighting situation. Sometimes knowing what not to do when redoing your lighting can help your home look like an experienced designer was there to help out. Below are some common mistakes you can use when planning out your next lighting adventure:

Putting Reccessed Lighting Everywhere.
Recessed lights can be a great tool to bring light in a more subtle way to a large area. It is very common, however, to go a little overboard and install too many of them. Recessed lights don’t typically cast much light on vertical surfaces (walls), which is how our eyes perceive most light. If we install too many recessed lights we may be wasting wattage that could be used by other sources providing more “visible” light. Using recessed lighting with a blend of other sources is how designers achieve the right look.

pendantForgetting Task Lighting in Kitchens and bathrooms.
Task lighting is very important in the kitchen and bathrooms as many dangerous activities are performed there. Adding under cabinetry lighting to illuminate the counter workspace below is a great option. Adjustable wall mounted fixtures or lamps can also make a huge difference.

Forgetting to use a combination of lighting types.
Many people forget to incorporate a combination of different lighting styles in a room. Ambient, task and accent lighting should be used together to create a balance. Being able to control the different fixtures individually is also important with different switches and dimmers.

Keep these common mistakes in mind when adding or changing the light fixtures in your home.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing under cabinet lighting to your kitchen can be a subtle, yet very functional, addition to improve your space.  This is especially true for small kitchens.  Most kitchens do not have adequate lighting for performing tasks, and under-cabinet lighting can help you illuminate common areas where work needs to be done without compromising on space or decor.

Under cabinet lights provide an evenly distributed light source that adds function and style to your kitchen or space.  They can be secured to the bottom of cabinets or bookshelves to either help perform a task or light up a decorative feature or space.  They are becoming very common in other areas besides the kitchen, like the bathroom and home office.

Most under cabinet lights are energy efficient and do not burn too warm, yet still give off the same amount of light and color that traditional bulbs would.  These lights are fairly easy to install and can be wired into your electrical system or plugged into an outlet.

Speak with one of Harold’s Lighting experts to learn more about under cabinet lighting and to see if it would be a good option for your home!

Lighting Tips The Pros Use

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Even if your home is expertly decorated by an interior designer, if you’ve got bad lighting, it can make the space look inexpensive and uncomfortable.  If you’re a renter or just don’t want to deal with the hassel of re-wiring your house for new lighting, there are still things you can do to “lighten” up the place!

Use a variety of lighting sources.  Create depth and interest by using lighting sources that vary in height and are in different locations around the room.  Highlight your favorite objects in your room  by placing a light source next to it.

Use different brightness levels around the room or space so that you don’t get “lighting fatigue”  (when a room is at a consistent light level throughout, with no shadows or interes), the same feeling you’d get in an office building or laboratory.

Utilize the space underneath countertops with undercabinet lighting.  It alleviates the need to have a large middle-of-the-kitchen pendant while providing a balanced atmosphere and allows you to see what you’re doing while cooking and cleaning.  Undercabinet lights are fairly cheap to install and can make the world a difference.

Our cheapest and easiest tip for creating a good lighting atmosphere for your home is to change all of your light switches to dimmers.  This way you can adjust your lighting according to the event or mood, and you’ll be able to layer light fixtures in many different ways with this affordable and easy to install option.

So if you’re not in the market to hire a lighting designer, consider the tips above.  As always, our expert lighting staff in Bellevue and Seattle, WA can help you find the pendant, chandelier, undercabinet lighting, lamps and task lights that will work with your home or space.

Update Your Space

Many people don’t realize that the easiest and many times most cost efficient ways to update a space is by installing new light fixtures.  A lot of homeowner’s think they’re stuck with what was there when they bought the home or that new light fixtures are too expensive or do not make that much of a difference on the overall style and mood of a room.  Well, we think they’re wrong!  A change up of a lighting source can make the world of difference in a room and can completely transform a space.

Many people do not change the lighting in their homes because: 1.They think new lighting is too expensive, and 2. They don’t know how to change the fixture or are worried they’d mess something up.  Well, we’re here to tell you that you can find affordable lighting fixtures to suit the style and lighting needs of your room AND that installing light fixtures shouldn’t be as intimidating as it seems.

Whether you need a pendant, chandelier, lamp, sconce or undercabinet lighting, you’ll have thousands of styles and brands to choose from.  Your best bet is to go to a qualified and trusted lighting store near you, and ask for help.  Expert lighting staff can help you pick out the right size, shape and style for your space, and can help explain how to install it.  Many places even have installers that can come to your home and help you put your new light fixture in.

A common mistake many people make when choosing new light fixtures is that they go to a regular department store or discounted manufacturer and just pick out something they think will work.  Unfortunately, many times this is where people run in to issues.  The instructions on the box can be confusing, and many times these mass made fixtures don’t complement the lighting needs of your space.

Picking out and installing a new lighting fixture in a home or office is something that everyone can do. If you need help, ask!  Bring photos of your current space and expert staff, like ours at Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle, can help you reach your lighting goals.  New fixtures can brighten up a space and add character and style while still staying in a budget that is reasonable for your personal needs.

Task Lighting – Shed Light on Your Daily Activities

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.kichler.com/consumer/help_page
Photo Courtesy of : kichler.com

Continuing with our Finding Your Lighting Solutions spotlight on our blog, Task Lighting would be your next layer to add to a space or room.  Task lighting illuminates areas where daily activities are done.  This type of lighting brightens up certain areas for activities that require brighter lights, like reading, cooking, personal grooming, and studying.

Task lighting is designed to provide clarity and aid in performing a task.  It provides direct light to an area so that a person can see what they’re doing more effectively.  Properly applied task lighting is free of glares and shadows.

Photo Courtesy of: http://solflexphilippines.blogspot.com/2012/11/task-lighting.html
There are many different lighting sources that can be used for task lighting.  Recessed bulbs, track lighting, pendant lighting are common task lighting sources.  Many kitchens use undercabinet lights, while most offices and reading areas use desk lamps, floor lamps and vanity lights.

Our Harold’s Lighting stores in Seattle and Bellevue have huge showrooms with many different examples of task lighting.  Our expert lighting staff are ready to help you find the right fixtures and lighting techniques to illuminate and balance your home.