Harold’s Lighting History – A video!

Harold’s Lighting has been providing quality lighting services for the people of the Greater Seattle area for 60 years! Our dedication to customer satisfaction and customer service is what sets us apart from other lighting stores and lighting repair shops.

Amidst the Great Depression, Harvey Hansen began selling and manufacturing lamp shades. He went up and down the West Coast selling his products and eventually learned he could make a living by opening up a shop in Seattle. Check out the video below for more details about how this family owned lighting shop has stuck around for so long:

Harold’s is celebrating 60 years in business by offering 20-50% off of everything in the store!


Stop on by to check out the discounts. Hurry, the sale ends on April 1st!

View a video tour of our Seattle lighting store!

Check out this quick video tour of our lighting store in Seattle, Washington. Our Wallingford lighting store has been serving the residents of Seattle with the highest quality lighting products and lighting repair services for over 60 years!

The tour shows our full showroom as well as some changes we have coming for the Seattle store. We posted this back on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, but we’ve had some requests to post it to our blog so we couldn’t resist!

Stop on by our Seattle lighting showroom to come get your own personal tour today!

Our Online Lighting Options

We’ve hit the busiest time of the year. Stress levels run a little high in December, and the last thing we want to do is run another errand. That’s why many of us turn to one of the best inventions of our time – online shopping!

Shopping online, especially this time of year, can help simplify your life. Why not shop for your lighting fixtures, bulbs and parts online?

Harold’s Lighting is a traditional lighting store in Seattle, but we’re not scared of changing with the times. Use our online store to shop for light fixtures (all types), a variety of light bulbs (including those hard-to-find bulbs), and lighting controls and parts. Check out our lighting fixtures on sale, our current lighting specials, and our clearance section for the best deals.

Our online lighting store is easy to use. You can search by light fixture type, brand, height, width and even by price. The checkout process is quick and before you know it, your new lighting product will be on its way to you!

We’d love to see your face in our store, but if you’d rather stay in your PJs today, check out our online lighting store here!

Harold’s Lighting History

As the holidays grow closer, it has reminded us to take a minute to reflect on our past and recognize what we’re truly thankful for. Harold’s Lighting has been blest to be providing lighting options and solutions to the great people of the Seattle area since 1957. Tradition is something that runs deep in our culture.

Harold's Lighting Seattle History

Over the years, the lighting industry has changed a lot, and we’ve grown with it. Our employees are true experts in lighting, and we consider each one of them family! View the full history of establishing Harold’s Lighting in Seattle as well as information about our founders and owners here » 

Providing excellent customer service and the best lighting products to our customers has always been our priority. These principles have been past down through the family along with lifetimes of knowledge about the lighting world.

Seattle Store Harold's Lighting

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow” – Mary Anne Radmacher

According to the experts at NationalBreastCancer.org, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. This disease has, in some way or another, effected everyone in the United States. No one should face breast cancer alone, and that is the inspiration behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The goal of spotlighting this issue in October is to shed light on the disease and raise awareness.

NationalBreastCancer.org has laid out a few ways you can help:

Harold’s Lighting wants to support bringing more attention to Breast Cancer. Early detection is important, and can even help increase the chances of survival. We encourage everyone to get a yearly mamogram (at the least) and to live healthily.

“When life kicks you, let it kick you forward.” – Kay Yow

Our Lighting Repair Shop

Most people in Seattle know Harold’s Lighting to be the best place to go for amazing light fixtures and lamps. Did you know we do repairs on existing light fixtures too? Don’t throw away that family heirloom! Bring it by our lighting and lamp repair store in Seattle or Bellevue today and we’ll get it back in working condition!

Our repair department is a full service manufacturing, restoration and repair facility. Our expert lighting technicians have seen it all and can fix just about any light fixture brought through our doors!

Many homeowners do not know that lamps and light fixtures need regular maintenance. Bring your old lamp or pendant in and our lighting guys will rewire it to today’s electrical standards or polish it up and make it look good as new. Old wiring can be a safety hazard as the old configurations may not integrate well with the way today’s homes are electrically wired. Don’t risk it, just bring it by and we’ll let you know if you’re good to go!

Custom Lamp Base
A beautiful custom lamp base we built out of a vintage vase!

Aside from lighting and lamp maintenance and repairs, we are experts in creating custom lighting fixtures. We’ve created custom drum shades for large businesses, such as restaurant chains that required custom measurements and fabrics. We’ve also been able to take a family heirloom, such as an urn or vase, and turn it into a beautiful base for a lamp! If you have a lighting idea, run it by us, we’d love to help create a unique fixture perfect for your business or home.

Harold’s History

Harold’s Lighting has been serving the Seattle area for a long time. Our history in the area runs deep, and providing excellent customer service to our customers in the Pacific Northwest is our priority. We enjoy working with the community and giving back.

Check out our about us page on our website for a full history about how Harold’s lighting was established in Seattle. We even have photos of our staff and family throughout the growth of the company.  Our traditions have been passed down from our founders and we continue to create and provide unique and quality lighting options for our customers everywhere.

Custom Large Shades

We’ve got large showroom with hundreds of lighting options to choose from, but did you know we do custom work too? Our custom lighting department can build and design just about anything for your home or office.  Here’s some photos from a recent large custom shade project we did for the new Mars Hill in Everett:

Large Custom Light Shade
Building the base and foundation for the shade.
Large Custom Light Shade
Large enough to fit our team inside!


Large Custom Light Shade
It’s so big!
The finished custom shade.
The finished custom shade.
Happy New Year From Harold's Lighting!
Happy New Year From Harold’s Lighting!


What are Lumens?

Most people outside of the lighting industry have a hard time picking out a light bulb at the store. There are many different factors (see previous post here) and so much more information on the side of each bulb’s box now that it may be hard to know what is actually relevant information.  Today we’ll explain what lumens mean, as they can be very helpful to consumers trying to find the right bulb for their light fixture in their home or office.

Lumens measure the amount of brightness a bulb will give off. The higher the total lumens, the brighter the light given off will be.  Many people describe 1 lumen to be equal to the amount of light one candle emits if you’re standing 1 foot away from it. So if the box says 900 lumens, that would be equal to 900 candles of light.

Lumens make it easy when looking at different types of lights. A CFL and a LED light both give off a totally different type of light color, but you can use the lumens listed on the box to know exactly how bright those lights will be.  After you’ve determined the type of bulb you want, finding the brightness can be easier.

Lumens are a much more accurate way of measuring brightness than watts.  Wattage measures the the electrical power the bulb uses, so it actually measures energy, not brightness.  With today’s sophisticated technology, higher wattage doesn’t necessarily mean a brighter bulb. Now days, experts use lumens to determine the brightness.

If you’re looking for a bright bulb to illuminate a large area, find a bulb with the most lumens. The lumen count will be on the light bulb package. It can be found in an area that looks a little like food’s nutritional value, and it is typically towards the top.  If you have more questions about lumens or how bright of a light bulb you’ll need in your light fixture give us a call today and one of our expert lighting specialists can help you out!