Happy Thanksgiving!

giveThanksOur Harold’s Lighting family wants to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! We hope you’re able to enjoy time with family and friends and take time to think about what you’re grateful for.

If you’re hosting the party this year, don’t forget about your dining room lighting options! Now is the time to use your dimmer, and if you’re feeling extra festive, add a few candles for a really cozy atmosphere!

Depending on how large the space is, the use of layers of lighting styles may be effective, however, now is not the time to blast your guests with tons of light! Set your fixtures to provide enough light for you to safely serve and eat food, but not much more.

Lower levels of light are typically more flattering and create a warmer and cozy feel.

turkeyCookedRemember that Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous holidays for a variety of different reasons. Not only is it dangerous to be traveling on the roads during this time, but accidents in the home peak during this holiday. Keep an eye on your kitchen! Fires, injuries and kitchen accidents easily happen when too many people are involved or when the space isn’t conducive to the activities performed. Prepare food ahead of time if you can, and keep a schedule and an extra eye on anything cooking.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for the opportunity to provide the Greater Seattle area with the best lighting options and services.

Eat up!



We are on Pinterest! We love how many cool ideas we find on there. Check out our latest pins to our Harold’s Lighting board… it’s full of stuff from our blog, website and online store!

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While we love traditional light fixtures, we’ve found Pinterest to be a great source of ideas for new and modern fixtures. We’ve also seen a few DIY projects on there that have sparked some custom projects we’ve produced. While some of the DIY projects on there seem a little troublesome for the average homeowner, it can be a good source of ideas for creating custom light fixtures for your home. Get on there, check out what people are doing, then let the experts (us) help you out! We have a full service repair and custom lighting shops in our stores in Bellevue and Seattle and we’re prepared to help your lighting dreams come to life!

We’ve been busy over here at Harold’s Lighting! Our lighting stores in Seattle and Bellevue are constantly receiving new light fixtures for our showrooms and we love seeing the coolest fixtures come through our doors. We also update our online store with all of our products. Be sure to follow us on social media (including Pinterest) to stay up to date with the latest deals and products coming from our lighting store in Seattle and Bellevue.

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Did you hear what time it is?

It’s Harold’s Lighting 60th Annual Summer Sale time!!

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Summer Light Fixture Sale in Seattle

Harold’s Lighting has been providing residents of the Seattle area and beyond with the best light fixtures and lighting options for over 60 years! Come celebrate with us.


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We’re always looking for interesting and new products to bring in the store and have found Pinterest to be a great resource for lighting products! Connect with us! We love looking at our customer’s boards and finding new and exciting ideas.

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Pinterest is a great source for homeowners, or future homeowners, to use for inspiration for planning their next project. While many people use the site for clothing and recipes, search around for home decor, furniture and lighting – you may be surprised at what is out there!

If you need help with lighting fixture planning on your next home project, call or stop by our lighting store in Seattle, WA today!

Recessed Downlighting Housing Info

Once you’ve figured out where you want your recessed downlights to be (if you need help with that, check out this post» ), now you’ve got to figure out what you need in order to install these fixtures.

Most recessed lighting fixtures require you to purchase a few different pieces.  Depending on what type of recessed lighting you choose to go with, most come with a few basic components. The most important, being the housing.


The housing of the light fixture includes the main housing (sometimes called “Can” or “Rough-In”, a mounting frame (attaches everything to the ceiling),  mounting bars, lighting trim (or sometimes called finishing), the trim and a trim ring, optics, and the actual bulb (aka lamp).

This image illustrates these main recessed light fixture components:

diagram of recessed lights
image source: Delfarmans

Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue has a ton of recessed lighting options to choose from, both online and in our showrooms. Our expert staff is ready to help you with all of your recessed lighting questions!

Our Online Lighting Options

We’ve hit the busiest time of the year. Stress levels run a little high in December, and the last thing we want to do is run another errand. That’s why many of us turn to one of the best inventions of our time – online shopping!

Shopping online, especially this time of year, can help simplify your life. Why not shop for your lighting fixtures, bulbs and parts online?

Harold’s Lighting is a traditional lighting store in Seattle, but we’re not scared of changing with the times. Use our online store to shop for light fixtures (all types), a variety of light bulbs (including those hard-to-find bulbs), and lighting controls and parts. Check out our lighting fixtures on sale, our current lighting specials, and our clearance section for the best deals.

Our online lighting store is easy to use. You can search by light fixture type, brand, height, width and even by price. The checkout process is quick and before you know it, your new lighting product will be on its way to you!

We’d love to see your face in our store, but if you’d rather stay in your PJs today, check out our online lighting store here!

Our Online Store!

Harold’s Lighting has been the Pacific Northwest’s best resource for lighting options for commercial and residential use for decades. Did you know we have an online store?

Our showrooms have a huge selection of the latest styles and selections as well as some one-of-a-kind vintage fixtures. If you don’t have time to stop or call one of our locations, check out our online selection here. We’ve got a pretty large selection of all types of fixtures and bulbs for any space.

Wether you need a contemporary light fixture, modern, traditional or vintage, check out our online store for a quick look at what we have to offer! Click here to go to the online store.

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Shop Lighting Options Online!

In our last post we talked about our Seattle area store locations. Our showrooms are some of the largest in the state, and we offer a greater variety of lighting options than our competitors. Did you know we have an online store too?

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Our online store has thousands of lighting options ready to purchase just a few clicks away! Finding what you want is easy with our “Categories”, “Shop By Room” and “Search” features. When you find what you like you can easily purchase and get it shipped to you all from the comfort of your own home!

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Lighting Tips for your Whole Home

pendant2Good lighting in a home is hard to notice because it was done right. Bad lighting, however, can almost always be spotted, especially if you’re trying to perform a task. Lighting can help you accomplish tasks, improve the overall ambiance of your home, and bring the whole “look” together. Each room’s lighting should be thought about when designing your home, and we’ve put together some tips to help you cover all the bases.

What are you lighting goals for each room? Each room in the home should have a general mood that you’re trying to convey, and using different types of lighting sources can help you achieve these goals. Direct and task lighting fixtures can help you focus light on areas where tasks are performed while other types of lighting can help you create ambient lighting to help soften and relax a space.

Safe Lighting. When planning the exterior lighting of your home, safety should be your priority. Walkways, sidewalks, stairs and decks should be properly lit so visitors can navigate easily. Any hazards (rocks, dips, etc) should be illuminated to minimize injuries. Exterior lighting can be inviting (see our post on that), when done correctly, but safety should be your #1 priority in this area.

Utilize recessed lighting. Recessed cans are great for high ceilings and modern decor. They provide an overall glow without distracting the eye. Recessed cans can be directional and can even be attached to a dimmer to give you the option to change the level of brightness in the space.

Be strategic in children’s rooms. Children’s rooms can be really fun to design lighting work for. Many people forget, however, that they should have a plan for night lighting. Night lights can help small children sleep better and be safer when late night trips to the bathroom spring up. A wall sconce with a dimmer near a changing table or rocking chair can help mothers move about the room without disrupting the baby’s sleep.

Choose your fixtures wisely. Choose chandeliers and pendants wisely. When picking them ask yourself, will this look good in this space in 5 years? Oftentimes chandeliers can date a space, especially if the decor around it changes over time. Keep it classic and simple to avoid having to replace it often.

Don’t be shy when planning out the lighting in your home, our expert lighting specialists at our Bellevue, WA and Seattle, WA lighting stores are ready to help you find the right pieces for any space.

Choosing a Ceiling Fan

ceilingfanEnergy and fuel costs are on the rise again making ceiling fans a great option for those who want an easy way to cut down their home’s energy consumption. Ceiling fans not only help circulate cool air in the summertime, they can help move warmer air around in the winter making them a great asset to any room year round.

It is said that ceiling fans can help a room feel as much as 8 degrees cooler when run on a normal setting. This can be a true life saver in the hot summer months. Not only do they cool the room down, they also can help the room feel fresher and more open.  In the Northwest, most homes don’t have air conditioning units, and if they do, they only run for a few months out of the year. Installing a ceiling fan can help you reduce your air conditioning bill easily, and if you don’t have an air conditioning system it can act as one.

ceilingfan3When selecting a ceiling fan you should consider a few things to make sure you get the right one for your room. Fan size is very important.  The larger the room the larger the fan will need to be. If the room is very large, multiple fans may be a good option. Rooms that are up to 75 square feet will do fine with any fan up to 36 inches. Bedrooms and family rooms up to 144 square feet typically use fans ranging from 36 inches to 42 inches, and larger areas can go with fans from 50 to 54 inches.

It’s also important to think about the ceiling height of the room when selecting the right fan. The fan should be at least 7 feet above the floor for safety reasons. Anything below 7 feet could be unsafe, look awkward and not provide the circulation benefits that a properly installed fan would.

ceilingfan2There are also many different types of blades for ceiling fans. For optimal circulation, experts suggest hat the blades are to be installed at a 12 to 15 degree angle. It’s also important that the blades are balanced so that when the fan spins it doesn’t wobble or make noise.

Other things to look at when purchasing a ceiling fan are the motor, lights, warranty, installation requirements and of course style. Our expert lighting specialists can help you find the right ceiling fan for your room and your budget. Stop on by our stores in Bellevue and Seattle today or check out our selection online.