Fixture Restoration

Do you have a lighting fixture that needs a little love? We specialize in light fixture restoration! Our lighting repair shop in Seattle and Bellevue can help put that sparkle back on your chandelier, pendant, lamp or any other lighting product!

We posted on Facebook about this amazing chandelier transformation a few months ago, and can’t get over how awesome it looks!

before a chandelier restoration
BEFORE – Chandelier Restoration
after light fixture restoration
AFTER – Chandelier Restoration


We can help get that antique chandelier or lamp back in working condition. You’ll love it so much it’ll become a focal point in your house! Contact us for any light fixture repairs today!

Our Online Lighting Options

We’ve hit the busiest time of the year. Stress levels run a little high in December, and the last thing we want to do is run another errand. That’s why many of us turn to one of the best inventions of our time – online shopping!

Shopping online, especially this time of year, can help simplify your life. Why not shop for your lighting fixtures, bulbs and parts online?

Harold’s Lighting is a traditional lighting store in Seattle, but we’re not scared of changing with the times. Use our online store to shop for light fixtures (all types), a variety of light bulbs (including those hard-to-find bulbs), and lighting controls and parts. Check out our lighting fixtures on sale, our current lighting specials, and our clearance section for the best deals.

Our online lighting store is easy to use. You can search by light fixture type, brand, height, width and even by price. The checkout process is quick and before you know it, your new lighting product will be on its way to you!

We’d love to see your face in our store, but if you’d rather stay in your PJs today, check out our online lighting store here!

Lighting Your Home Office

Many people these days are starting to work from home part time, if not full time. We love the idea of being able to roll out of bed and get some work done, all while wearing your pajamas! Many times people have a hard time adjusting to working from home and good time management skills are a must-have. Having a proper home office space can help you stay focused and be as productive as possible while still being pants optional!

Depending on the size of the home office, different types of lighting layers should be used to be able to adjust accordingly to each occasion. We recommend having at least two different types of lighting, the most popular (and important) being ambient and task lighting.

desk lamp

Ambient lighting in a home office is important. If done correctly it can help illuminate the entire room without causing any glares or without pulling your eye to a certain area. Common types of ambient lighting options in a home office would be recessed light cans in the ceiling or a flush mounted fixture. If the room is small enough, a large pendant or drum may give off sufficient ambient light as well.


Task lighting is equally as important as ambient. Proper illumination of the tasks you are planning to perform in this area is key to working productively. If you’re unable to easily see what you’re doing you’ll waste time in the long run. Common types of task lighting in home offices are typically desk lamps, table lamps, and pendants. Desk lamps come in many different styles and can easily be adjusted to provide the proper amount of light needed. A pendant is commonly installed above a desk or reading space to provide a convenient light source where high activity traffic may occur.

Once you’ve got both ambient and task lighting down in your home office you can consider adding in other types if the space allows for it. Keep your proportions in mind and remember where your high traffic activity locations are and focus there. Ask a Harold’s lighting expert if you need help choosing the right fixture for your space today!

Capture Fall with Stained Glass

As the leaves are starting to change and fall, we are reminded of the classic elegance that stained glass can bring to any room. As the sun starts to set a little earlier think about brightening up your space with a beautiful stained glass lamp or stained glass pendant!


Stained glass is truly an art form. Each individual piece is hand selected and soldered into place carefully by the artist. Stained glass lamp shades have been a classic staple in many homes and they can help set a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. These are not a one-size-fits-all option, but can be appropriately installed in just about any room in a home.

Stained Glass Lamp
Beautiful Stained Glass Lamp at Harold’s Lighting

Stained glass light fixtures give off a warm glow, and can be as much of a focal point in a room as a piece of art or sculpture would be. These fixtures are made with care, and are made to last both physically and aesthetically.

Though typically thought of as fixtures in a home office, billiard room, or living room, many people have been able to incorporate stained glass lighting in bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms!

Harold’s Lighting stores in Seattle and Bellevue carry one of the largest selections of stained glass lighting in Washington state! We have classic Tiffany lamps, Tiffany pendants, Tiffany chandeliers and more! Come on by and pick up a piece of art to add to one of your rooms today!

Billiard Light Fixtures

Billiard light fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. They typically hang low and help set the mood of your game room. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, there is a billiard fixture for you!

Oftentimes called pool table pendants or pool table chandeliers, these fixtures can be the centerpiece to your space. Billiard rooms (or game rooms) typically are a little darker than other spaces with pendants or accent lighting highlighting the important areas. We think the perfect game room would have an amazing, eye-catching billiard chandelier as well as incorporate other layers of lighting styles to customize the illumination level based on the occasion.

Billiard chandeliers are designed to shed enough light onto your pool table so there aren’t any shadows. These light fixtures typically have shades or a filter that prevents glare or a blinding bright spot. It is important to select the right fixture for your space based on the size of the room, other lighting in the room, and preferred style.

The quintessential billiard pendant would hands down be the Tiffany chandelier. Harold’s Lighting store in Seattle and Bellevue has a huge selection of these classic Tiffany light fixtures and lamps as well as other styles. They’re the perfect option to add a touch of timeless class to your game room.

tiffany light fixtures

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and fittings.  There are a lot of options to choose from, and that can be a little confusing to the average home owner. Understanding what each type of fixture is may help you decide what your room needs and what will work for your space.

Today we’ll talk about 3 common light fixtures – Recessed Lights, Track Lighting and Pendants

Recessed Lights
Recessed lights are installed above the ceiling. They have an opening that is flush with the ceiling. Installing recessed lights requires at least 6 inches of clearance above the ceiling (where the cans are set in). This type of lighting is great for ambient, task or accent lighting.Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 2.06.07 PM

Track Lighting

This type of lighting can be mounted or suspended from the ceiling and is typically used as accent lighting. The lights are attached to a “track” and typically be positioned in many different angles and directions. This adjustable lighting fixture is a great option for rooms with artwork.



Pendants are suspended from the ceiling. Most pendants direct light downwards. This type of lighting is typically used over kitchen tables or over a kitchen bar.


Stay tuned for more light fixture styles in our upcoming posts!

Task Lighting Basics

photo cred –

After Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting (also known as direct lighting) would be the next layer to think about when choosing lighting options for your space.

Task lighting is designed to help you preform certain activities (hence the name “task”). It brightens up a certain area. Task lighting is great for areas of your home where activities are done that require more light (examples – reading, cooking, grooming or studying).

This type of lighting is designed to help provide clarity and aid in task performance. The direct light it sheds on an area helps a person see more clearly what they are doing and can help increase productivity. Proper task lighting also doesn’t cast a glare or distracting shadows.

Track lighting, undercabinet lighting, recessed bulbs, and pendant lighting are common light sources for task lighting. Offices and living rooms can use lamps or floor lamps and vanity lights to achieve a good balance of ambient and task lighting.

Our lighting stores in Seattle and Bellevue, WA have large showrooms with a ton of task lighting options. We have lamps, floor lamps, vanity lights, pendants, chandeliers, undercabinet lights, and much more! Stop by or call us today and let us help you light your home right!

Hubbardton Forge Pendant Video

Harold’s Lighting has been selling Hubbardton Forge products for over 30 years. Their amazing design and craftsmanship sets them apart from their competitors.


Hubbardton Forge has been creating timeless lighting design pieces since 1974. Their products are made right here in the USA (Vermont to be specific), and their dedication to their customers’ satisfaction is top notch.

Here’s a video about Hubbardton Forge Pendants:


Sloped Ceiling Lighting

Having a sloped ceiling in your home can add to the architecture of your home and look really nice. It can, however, present a few interior design challenges. Selecting the right lighting fixtures for your sloped ceiling can be challenging, but if done right can look amazing and be very effective.

When you look for the right fixture for your ceiling, you need to make sure the fixtures you’re looking at will not be affected when hung at an angle. There are many styles of lighting fixtures that will work on a sloped roof, and each can set a different mood for the room.

vintage4Chandeliers are often a great option for sloped ceilings. Sloped ceilings are many times in an entryway, so a chandelier is an obvious choice. It is a great option for uneven ceilings because it hangs from the ceiling and the angle at the point of contact doesn’t interfere with the light.  They can come in tons of styles, sizes and colors to complete the “look” with any existing decor.

pendantPendants are similar to chandeliers, as they also dangle from the ceiling. Pendants can be very versatile and more than one can be used in a small space. Pendants can be used for task or ambient lighting, making them very versatile.

Track Lighting is also a great option for sloped ceilings. The light is a “track” of light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The lights on the track can be moved around to point in different directions. This type of lighting is usually used for task lighting (highlighting a particular area or object), but can also be used for ambient lighting.

If you have a sloped roof, you have many lighting options.  It may take a little more planning, but when you get it right it can really make a difference in a room.

Harold’s Lighting store in Seattle and Bellevue, WA has everything you need for lighting your home and office. Call or stop on by today with any questions or ideas!

Kitchen Pendant Lighting


Kitchen pendant lighting, if used correctly, can offer a great light source and finish of the look and feel of a room.  There are many different styles to choose from and they can be installed just about anywhere.  Kitchen pendant lights can be extremely practical and beautiful.

A pendant can help you illuminate a specific task area while updating your decor. Some pendants offer more direct light while others can illuminate an entire area. If you are wanting to avoid the circles of bright light that some pendants can cause, consider using a pendant light with a diffuser or use another type of light bulb.

When choosing the right kitchen pendant light for your home keep in mind that the larger the area you want the light to illuminate, the larger the pendant will need to be.  Smaller pendants are great for smaller areas, or they can be combined in a row or cluster to help illuminate a larger space.

Kitchen Pendant
So Many Options for Kitchen Pendants at Harold’s Lighting

When installing kitchen pendant lighting make sure you space it out correctly.  Typically pendants should hang 12-20 inches below an 8 foot ceiling (for every foot higher, add 3 more inches to the pendant).  There should also be at least a 30-36 inch clearing from the work space below.

Pendants for the kitchen come in a variety of styles. Modern glass and chrome pendants provide a more clean and sleek mood while ornate chandeliers can be more traditional or cozy.

As you can see, kitchen pendant lighting is a great way to help add color, charm and function to your kitchen.  Ask one of our expert lighting staff members to help you find the perfect pendant for your kitchen.