Outdoor Lighting Issues

exteriorThe issues you face with lighting problems indoors are different than the problems you’ll face with exterior lighting. While you may have reflection and glare issues indoors, that may not be your problem outdoors. Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight architecture, plant life, and provide illumination in areas that need it at night.

Exterior lights can be placed just about anywhere, but there are areas where you shouldn’t overlook. Placing these lights in these areas is important for safety and convenience:

  • Pathways – Well lit pathways leading up to and around your entryway and home can create an inviting atmosphere as well as let people know where to go. 
  • Steps – Illuminating the area around steps outdoors is very important for safety. There are many different methods that can be used. Stairs, especially outdoors, are one of the most common places where injuries happen.
  • Entryways – People need to know where to go when they get to your home at night, so place foutsideixtures on both sides of your door or overhead lights to illuminate your front door, side doors and back door.
  • Driveways – Not much light is needed here, but if you have a tricky driveway or a hazardous area or post in the way, it may be wise to use low lights to show drivers where they can and cannot drive.

Placing lights in these areas will not only make your home look more inviting and cozy, it can help keep your company safe and injury free. Our Harold’s Lighting showrooms in Seattle and Bellevue, WA have tons of amazing exterior light fixtures to choose from. Stop on by today!


Functional Outdoor Lighting Benefits

outdoor lantern
Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Fixtures at Harold’s Lighting in Seattle.

Whether you’re having an outdoor party, just hanging out with the family, or walking around the outside of your home, it’s important to have proper outdoor lighting to illuminate your landscape areas.  There are many different kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures, and they can serve multiple purposes.

It’s important to think about what outdoor lighting you need before you start buying fixtures. Think about where you will be placing the outdoor light fixtures, and what purpose they will serve.  Outdoor lighting can help provide functional lighting, they can add beauty, and even help make your outdoor space safer.

Increasing the safety of the exterior of your home and outdoor space should come first.  Take time to walk around the property and assess possible danger zones.  Make sure to write these areas down and figure out what type of lighting you’ll use to illuminate these areas.  Many people use zone lighting to illuminate large areas where safety may be a concern.  Another way to do it is to use smaller directional lighting along smaller areas, such as a sidewalk, pathway or stair case.

Outdoor LanternIf your home is lit up from the outside, it will be less tempting for intruders as getting into the home undetected is much harder when there it is illuminated. Some homeowner’s install motion detector lights so that they will turn on if someone is to walk by them.  This also can deter theft and trespassers.

Outdoor lighting can create a whole new landscape when the sun goes down. Different angles of light and shadows can create a beautiful effect if placed correctly. Light fixtures can be positioned to shed light on great landscape fixtures as well as architectural elements of your home.

As you can see, the need for outdoor lighting for every home is essential.  Stop by or call one of our expert lighting specialist today with any of your outdoor lighting questions.

Custom Light Fixtures – A Work of Art!

Light fixtures can be made out of just about anything. A custom piece can really bring a unique feature to a room or space, or it can help preserve a piece of the past or a family heirloom.  Custom light fixtures are oftentimes one of the homeowner’s most special items of decor in their homes because they can have special meaning. We have made custom fixtures out of just about anything, but our most common items are family heirlooms such as urns and vases.

One of our friends is an amazing artist and specializes in garden art. Pictured below is one of her beautiful creations.  She bought a pot rack at an antique store and then had us wire it up.  She then made all the custom glass art that is mounted gorgeously around the fixture and hung it in her gazebo. At night, when the fixture is all lit up it is truly an amazing sight to see!

Pot Rack Light Fixture
Beautiful Outdoor Custom Made Light Fixture

Our staff at our Seattle and Bellevue stores can help you create a beautiful custom fixture with an item you cherish. We’ll work with you to find and install the right wiring and mountings to compliment the style of the fixture as well as the rest of your room.  Stop on by or call us today to learn more about what you can do to create a custom piece of art in your home!

Lighting Techniques for Exteriors

Beautiful Exterior Lights at Harold’s Lighting

Using the right techniques for lighting the exterior of your home or building can be really important.  Correct lighting techniques can help highlight important features as well as create depth and character to a home and yard.

Here are some common techniques many designers use to balance the exterior of a structure:

  • Highlighting: This is one of the most common techniques used in outdoor lighting. Many people highlight an object or feature by placing a spotlight at the base of the feature.  Different effects can be achieved by playing with the distance or angle of the spotlight and sometimes 2 or more lights can be used for larger areas. Some common items people like to highlight are trees, posts, and architectural features.
  • Silhouetting: This technique provides a great backdrop and can add depth. A silhouette is achieved by placing a spotlight behind an object casting light around it and producing an outline.  This effect is commonly used with smaller plants, like bushes or small trees.
  • Path Lighting:  This is another very common techniques.  It is one of the most practical and useful ways to feature an outdoor path.  This is when smaller lights are placed along a pathway to illuminate the area.  Small lights are often put along walkways, driveways, patio edges or dangerous areas to make sure that people can see where they’re going.  It’s important to find lights that are out of the way and will not be kicked or driven over.

Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle has many different outdoor lighting styles to choose from.  Their expert staff can help you find the right lights to help illuminate and bring your yard and home to life.