Harold’s Lighting History – A video!

Harold’s Lighting has been providing quality lighting services for the people of the Greater Seattle area for 60 years! Our dedication to customer satisfaction and customer service is what sets us apart from other lighting stores and lighting repair shops.

Amidst the Great Depression, Harvey Hansen began selling and manufacturing lamp shades. He went up and down the West Coast selling his products and eventually learned he could make a living by opening up a shop in Seattle. Check out the video below for more details about how this family owned lighting shop has stuck around for so long:

Harold’s is celebrating 60 years in business by offering 20-50% off of everything in the store!


Stop on by to check out the discounts. Hurry, the sale ends on April 1st!

Types of Lampshades

Lampshades come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We found this cool infographic that breaks down the most popular shapes and also shows you how they’re measured:

Source: Buzzfeed.com

If you need help selecting the right shade for your light fixture, come in or call us today. We have a huge selection of lamp shades in stock, and can even custom make any lamp shade with a fabric of your choice or in an odd size or shape!

Video Archives – Watch: Custom Lamp Base

We’ve been talking about our custom work a lot lately, and there’s a reason why – we love doing custom lighting work! As much as we love providing our customers with the best lighting fixtures and products around, creating custom lighting fixtures and shades is a bit more exciting!

We dug up this video in our archives. Watch below how we took an seemingly normal ostrich egg and turned it into an amazing custom ostrich egg lamp base!

Do you have something you’d like to turn into a unique piece of lighting art? Chat with our lighting technicians at our lighting store in Seattle or Bellevue today!

Video Archives – Watch: Selecting Lamp Shades

Are you having trouble selecting the right lamp shade for your lamp base? You’d be surprised to know that this issue is one of the most common things we help people with everyday!

Our experts at our stores in Bellevue and Seattle have helped thousands of people find the perfect shade for their light fixture.

Check out the video we made a few years ago about selecting the right lamp shade:

Lighting Your Home Office

Many people these days are starting to work from home part time, if not full time. We love the idea of being able to roll out of bed and get some work done, all while wearing your pajamas! Many times people have a hard time adjusting to working from home and good time management skills are a must-have. Having a proper home office space can help you stay focused and be as productive as possible while still being pants optional!

Depending on the size of the home office, different types of lighting layers should be used to be able to adjust accordingly to each occasion. We recommend having at least two different types of lighting, the most popular (and important) being ambient and task lighting.

desk lamp

Ambient lighting in a home office is important. If done correctly it can help illuminate the entire room without causing any glares or without pulling your eye to a certain area. Common types of ambient lighting options in a home office would be recessed light cans in the ceiling or a flush mounted fixture. If the room is small enough, a large pendant or drum may give off sufficient ambient light as well.


Task lighting is equally as important as ambient. Proper illumination of the tasks you are planning to perform in this area is key to working productively. If you’re unable to easily see what you’re doing you’ll waste time in the long run. Common types of task lighting in home offices are typically desk lamps, table lamps, and pendants. Desk lamps come in many different styles and can easily be adjusted to provide the proper amount of light needed. A pendant is commonly installed above a desk or reading space to provide a convenient light source where high activity traffic may occur.

Once you’ve got both ambient and task lighting down in your home office you can consider adding in other types if the space allows for it. Keep your proportions in mind and remember where your high traffic activity locations are and focus there. Ask a Harold’s lighting expert if you need help choosing the right fixture for your space today!

Harold’s Repair Department

Our repair department at Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle is a full service manufacturing, restoration and repair facility. We can take your broken or heirloom light fixtures and bring new life to them.  Our repair guys are lighting experts and have been in the business for years. If it can be fixed, our repair guys are the ones to do it!

If you need to rewire a European light fixture to American standards, we can do it. We also specialize in custom work and can turn just about anything into a lamp (wine bottle, vases, urns, figurines, you name it we can do it!).

UL listing services are even available for antique fixtures, imported and newly manufactured pieces. Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue has a standard fixture listing and can UL list many types of fixtures as required by the customer, or their electrical contractors. This includes ceiling mounts, pendants, chandeliers and sconces.

If you have a favorite broken lamp or light fixture, bring it in to Harold Lighting today to get it fixed. You can trust our experts to find the best and safest way to fix it. We have a 2 repair offices in the Pacific Northwest, one in Seattle (1912 N 45th ST | Seattle, WA 98103) and one in Bellevue (223 106th AVE NE | Bellevue, WA 98004). Stop on by today!


Shade Manufacturing Tour in Bellevue

If you’re looking for custom lamp shades, Harold’s lighting has got you covered! We have our own in-store shade manufacturing departments in our Seattle and Bellevue stores where we can build beautiful custom shades from scratch.

Here is a video tour of our Bellevue location’s shade department:

Harold’s Lighting shade department is one of the largest in the entire state of Washington and we have almost every size and shape in-stock as well as made-to-order options. Our expert lighting staff can help you find the right shade for your lamp or light fixture and your budget.

We have a ton of in-stock materials to help you create a custom shade of your own, or you can even bring in your own. We are able to make a shade out almost any material (yes, even wallpaper). Give us a call or stop on by one of our lighting stores in Bellevue or Seattle today!

Stained Glass Lighting

stained5Fall is officially here! The weather is starting to turn, and everything seems a little darker. One way to brighten up your home is by adding a beautiful stained glass light fixture. And luckily for you, we’ve got a Tiffany’s sale coming up the second week of November!

Stained glass light fixtures can brighten up an entire room with a unique and custom piece of art.  The warm light cast from the colorful shades can help set a comfortable mood. Stained glass is not just for aesthetics, it’s an actual art form. Adding a Tiffany stained glass fixture to your home is like purchasing a new piece of art for your walls, it can add a touch of class and interest.


If your room is feeling dull or boring, adding a stained glass lamp, floor lamp or pendant can make the world of difference.


Come in and check out our extensive selection of stained glass fixtures today!


Custom Shades

Custom Shades for Kassana Holden
Custom Shades for Kassana Holden
Custom Shades and Fixtures at Harold's Lighting
Custom Drum Pendant

Custom shades for your lamps or pendants can help give your home or office the personal touch it needs to make the place feel special.  Being able to choose the fabric or material for the light fixture can pull the decor in the room together. Harold’s Lighting stores in Bellevue and Seattle can help you find the right fabric for your shades and bring life to your room or space.

Our custom shade departments are ready to help you build a light fixture that is truly one of a kind.  Our shade department is one of the largest in the state and we use the best techniques in the business to create works of art. We have a ton of in-stock materials to choose from, but you’re also welcome to bring material of your own. We can make shades out of just about anything, if you like it, bring it in and we’ll give it a try!

Custom Large Shades for Mars Hill
Large Custom Shades for Church in Everett

We specialize in making custom light fixtures at a great price.  Whether you need a lamp shade for your bedroom or in need of a large commercial order, we’ll create quality work at an affordable price. We’ve created custom lamp shades for hotels, yachts, department stores and large office buildings in addition to our residential clients. Interior designers love us because we’re able to customize lighting choices for their clients needs.

We’ve worked with artists, designers and homeowners for many years. We’ve hundreds of shades in stock and can help you create the right shade for your project. Bring your lamp base or photos in today and we’ll help you create the right shade for your space.