How low should I hang my chandelier?

This is one of the most common questions we get. Getting the right size chandelier is one thing, then how to hang it is another!

You’ll need to consider the size of the room, size of table, and size of fixture to figure out the right height for hanging. You’ll want to pick the right location for the hanging first, in the middle of the table length and width wise. If you’re hanging multiple light fixtures, make sure you measure out the distance properly so that they’re evenly spaced.

It’s also wise to stay away from chandeliers that are larger than the width of the table. Overly large fixtures can pose a safety hazard as people may bump into them when standing. Many designers suggest purchasing a chandelier that is around a foot narrower than the table, and is also at least 48 inches away from any wall. While there are exceptions to these rules, it’s good to use them as a guideline while planning out dining room features.

For a room with a ceiling height of 8 feet (most common), hang your chandelier around 30 – 36 inches over the table. If your ceiling height is taller, add 3 inches to the length for each additional foot.

how to hang a chandelier instructions

Avoid using high wattage bulbs for dining room chandeliers as they can be harsh to the eyes and can be too hot for sitting underneath. Also consider the shadows and color the bulbs will cast on people sitting underneath and try and find the most flattering bulb for the area.

If you’re considering hanging a chandelier in a foyer or lobby, they are typically sized larger, so they can fill the space and not appear too small. When hanging fixtures in these spaces, make sure there is at least 6 1/2 feet of clearance from the ground.

Harold’s Lighting has tons of chandeliers to choose from, whether you’re looking for a modern chandelier or vintage, we’ve got you covered!

Fixture Restoration

Do you have a lighting fixture that needs a little love? We specialize in light fixture restoration! Our lighting repair shop in Seattle and Bellevue can help put that sparkle back on your chandelier, pendant, lamp or any other lighting product!

We posted on Facebook about this amazing chandelier transformation a few months ago, and can’t get over how awesome it looks!

before a chandelier restoration
BEFORE – Chandelier Restoration
after light fixture restoration
AFTER – Chandelier Restoration


We can help get that antique chandelier or lamp back in working condition. You’ll love it so much it’ll become a focal point in your house! Contact us for any light fixture repairs today!

Our Online Lighting Options

We’ve hit the busiest time of the year. Stress levels run a little high in December, and the last thing we want to do is run another errand. That’s why many of us turn to one of the best inventions of our time – online shopping!

Shopping online, especially this time of year, can help simplify your life. Why not shop for your lighting fixtures, bulbs and parts online?

Harold’s Lighting is a traditional lighting store in Seattle, but we’re not scared of changing with the times. Use our online store to shop for light fixtures (all types), a variety of light bulbs (including those hard-to-find bulbs), and lighting controls and parts. Check out our lighting fixtures on sale, our current lighting specials, and our clearance section for the best deals.

Our online lighting store is easy to use. You can search by light fixture type, brand, height, width and even by price. The checkout process is quick and before you know it, your new lighting product will be on its way to you!

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Capture Fall with Stained Glass

As the leaves are starting to change and fall, we are reminded of the classic elegance that stained glass can bring to any room. As the sun starts to set a little earlier think about brightening up your space with a beautiful stained glass lamp or stained glass pendant!


Stained glass is truly an art form. Each individual piece is hand selected and soldered into place carefully by the artist. Stained glass lamp shades have been a classic staple in many homes and they can help set a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. These are not a one-size-fits-all option, but can be appropriately installed in just about any room in a home.

Stained Glass Lamp
Beautiful Stained Glass Lamp at Harold’s Lighting

Stained glass light fixtures give off a warm glow, and can be as much of a focal point in a room as a piece of art or sculpture would be. These fixtures are made with care, and are made to last both physically and aesthetically.

Though typically thought of as fixtures in a home office, billiard room, or living room, many people have been able to incorporate stained glass lighting in bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms!

Harold’s Lighting stores in Seattle and Bellevue carry one of the largest selections of stained glass lighting in Washington state! We have classic Tiffany lamps, Tiffany pendants, Tiffany chandeliers and more! Come on by and pick up a piece of art to add to one of your rooms today!

Sloped Ceiling Lighting

Having a sloped ceiling in your home can add to the architecture of your home and look really nice. It can, however, present a few interior design challenges. Selecting the right lighting fixtures for your sloped ceiling can be challenging, but if done right can look amazing and be very effective.

When you look for the right fixture for your ceiling, you need to make sure the fixtures you’re looking at will not be affected when hung at an angle. There are many styles of lighting fixtures that will work on a sloped roof, and each can set a different mood for the room.

vintage4Chandeliers are often a great option for sloped ceilings. Sloped ceilings are many times in an entryway, so a chandelier is an obvious choice. It is a great option for uneven ceilings because it hangs from the ceiling and the angle at the point of contact doesn’t interfere with the light.  They can come in tons of styles, sizes and colors to complete the “look” with any existing decor.

pendantPendants are similar to chandeliers, as they also dangle from the ceiling. Pendants can be very versatile and more than one can be used in a small space. Pendants can be used for task or ambient lighting, making them very versatile.

Track Lighting is also a great option for sloped ceilings. The light is a “track” of light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The lights on the track can be moved around to point in different directions. This type of lighting is usually used for task lighting (highlighting a particular area or object), but can also be used for ambient lighting.

If you have a sloped roof, you have many lighting options.  It may take a little more planning, but when you get it right it can really make a difference in a room.

Harold’s Lighting store in Seattle and Bellevue, WA has everything you need for lighting your home and office. Call or stop on by today with any questions or ideas!

Interior Lighting Tips for Each Room

lightSpecial attention should be given to each room in your home when it comes to lighting. Using a mix of light sources, creating a layering effect, and using appropriate task lighting in certain areas can help you achieve the right balance.

Living Room

The living room is a place where we spend a lot of time and want to relax. Many interior designers suggest lighting three of the four corners of the room, and one of these three should focus on a special object (could be a plant, art or a nice chair). You can use table lamps and floor lamps to help direct the light upwards or downwards creating depth.


Again, we spend a ton of time in this area of the home. Task lighting is especially important in the kitchen as many dangerous tasks are performed here. Bright localized lights layered with over head sources are a good way to shed layers of light where you need it most.

Dining Room

The table should be the focus of this room and a light should be used to draw people in. Placing a light directly above the table will help bring the focus to the center and using a dimmer can help create a mood.


Like the kitchen, task lighting is important here as many intricate grooming tasks are performed. Using lights around and above the mirror will help cast a shadowless glow, and a main light source should also be used above the shower or tub.


Obviously, your bedroom is a place where you want to relax. You should try and choose lighting options that can help create that comfortable atmosphere that you’re shooting for. Reading lamps or sconces can be placed beside the bed for extra light, and a chandelier or recessed cans can be used above the bed, bringing the focus in.

So wether you’re building a new home, remodeling, or just looking to update your home room by room, keep your lighting options in mind. Our showrooms in Bellevue and Seattle will have plenty of options to choose from and we can even make custom shades and fixtures in shop.  Let us know if you have any special requests or if you need help with any lighting design questions.

Selecting the Best Lighting For Your Home

Harold's LightingMost homeowner’s overlook the impact good lighting can have on their home’s overall atmosphere and feeling. You typically don’t notice lighting in a room if it’s well done, but when it’s not done well, it can pull the eye in a negative way. Lighting is first and foremost designed just to help you see the tasks you’re trying to perform, but it can also add to the ambience, aesthetics and decor to your home in a very positive way.

The first thing you should do when trying to plan out your lighting options for your home is to determine what your lighting goals are. What activities will take place in each room? Achieving a balance between the different lighting styles is important in each and every room.  It’s a good idea to use multiple light sources for one space to create the right balance and to appease the mind.

Use direct and task lighting in areas where there are tasks and work to be done, and ambient lighting for a general overall illumination in an room. Once you know where you need the different types of lighting, you’ll be able to start choosing fixtures.

pendant2Keep in mind which room you are working with when you choose your fixtures. If your room has high ceilings, or modern decor, consider using recessed light fixtures. These recessed lights are inset to the ceiling to provide a flush and clean look that can help illuminate an entire room without distracting or pulling the eye.  If the room is a nursery, don’t forget about night lighting. You could install a dimmer on a pendant or wall sconce that will help you see when you’re rocking your baby to sleep or keeping monsters away.  If you’re looking for lighting for your pendantdining room, choose a chandelier that go with the surrounding decor and will last years without being dated. Also, choose one that isn’t too big for the space and will allow enough clearance from the table below when hung.

Planning out where and what type of lighting is needed in each room is very important to achieving optimal light levels.  If in doubt, consult an expert.  Expert lighting specialists know what will work and what will draw the eye in a negative way. Call the Harold’s Lighting store near you today for advice or come in to check out our amazing lighting options!



About Pendants

Hanging lights (also known as pendants) can be a designers tool to create a mood in any space.  Pendants come in so many different styles and sizes and can help you express your sense of style.

Pendants: In the lighting world, a pendant is a lighting fixture that is mounted typically with a chain, stem or cable that hangs from the ceiling into a space.

A chandelier is technically a type of pendant, but it is usually placed in a category all its own.  The term “pendant” is typically used when describing one of these types of lighting fixtures:

  • Bowl Pendants: Bowl pendants are great for lage spaces because they can provide a great deal of soft overall lighting to a large area.  They are called bowl pendants because of their shape – they look like a bowl with an open top.
  • Bell Pendants: Bell pendants are a great option for entryways and foryers. They are shaped like a bell (hence the name) and come in many different styles and shapes.  Bell pendants give the room a classic and traditional feel.
  • Drum Pendants: Drum pendants are an easy and affordable way to add light and depth to any room. They can be large or small and the drum can be covered with just about any fabric.  These pendants look like a lamp shade hanging from the ceiling and are shaped like a drum with a flat top and bottom and circular sides (cylinder).
  • Mini Pendants: Mini pendants come in all shapes but are typically small in size.  These lights are great in restaurants, cafes, over the kitchen bar, island or over pool tables.  They provide light while adding accent areas of focus to a room.
Mini Pendant Light
Beautiful Glass Blown Mini Penant in our Showroom
Mini Pendant Lights
Cluster of Mini Pendants in our Showroom
Drum Pendant
Drum Pendant







As you can see, the term “pendant” can cover a variety of different types of lighting fixtures.  They can be made from lamp shades and fabric or even blown glass.  Pendant lights can be used indoors and out and can really add interest and depth to a room or space.

Lighting Tips The Pros Use

Harold's Pendants
Hundreds of Pendants to Choose from

Even if your home is expertly decorated by an interior designer, if you’ve got bad lighting, it can make the space look inexpensive and uncomfortable.  If you’re a renter or just don’t want to deal with the hassel of re-wiring your house for new lighting, there are still things you can do to “lighten” up the place!

Use a variety of lighting sources.  Create depth and interest by using lighting sources that vary in height and are in different locations around the room.  Highlight your favorite objects in your room  by placing a light source next to it.

Use different brightness levels around the room or space so that you don’t get “lighting fatigue”  (when a room is at a consistent light level throughout, with no shadows or interes), the same feeling you’d get in an office building or laboratory.

Utilize the space underneath countertops with undercabinet lighting.  It alleviates the need to have a large middle-of-the-kitchen pendant while providing a balanced atmosphere and allows you to see what you’re doing while cooking and cleaning.  Undercabinet lights are fairly cheap to install and can make the world a difference.

Our cheapest and easiest tip for creating a good lighting atmosphere for your home is to change all of your light switches to dimmers.  This way you can adjust your lighting according to the event or mood, and you’ll be able to layer light fixtures in many different ways with this affordable and easy to install option.

So if you’re not in the market to hire a lighting designer, consider the tips above.  As always, our expert lighting staff in Bellevue and Seattle, WA can help you find the pendant, chandelier, undercabinet lighting, lamps and task lights that will work with your home or space.

Update Your Space

Many people don’t realize that the easiest and many times most cost efficient ways to update a space is by installing new light fixtures.  A lot of homeowner’s think they’re stuck with what was there when they bought the home or that new light fixtures are too expensive or do not make that much of a difference on the overall style and mood of a room.  Well, we think they’re wrong!  A change up of a lighting source can make the world of difference in a room and can completely transform a space.

Many people do not change the lighting in their homes because: 1.They think new lighting is too expensive, and 2. They don’t know how to change the fixture or are worried they’d mess something up.  Well, we’re here to tell you that you can find affordable lighting fixtures to suit the style and lighting needs of your room AND that installing light fixtures shouldn’t be as intimidating as it seems.

Whether you need a pendant, chandelier, lamp, sconce or undercabinet lighting, you’ll have thousands of styles and brands to choose from.  Your best bet is to go to a qualified and trusted lighting store near you, and ask for help.  Expert lighting staff can help you pick out the right size, shape and style for your space, and can help explain how to install it.  Many places even have installers that can come to your home and help you put your new light fixture in.

A common mistake many people make when choosing new light fixtures is that they go to a regular department store or discounted manufacturer and just pick out something they think will work.  Unfortunately, many times this is where people run in to issues.  The instructions on the box can be confusing, and many times these mass made fixtures don’t complement the lighting needs of your space.

Picking out and installing a new lighting fixture in a home or office is something that everyone can do. If you need help, ask!  Bring photos of your current space and expert staff, like ours at Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle, can help you reach your lighting goals.  New fixtures can brighten up a space and add character and style while still staying in a budget that is reasonable for your personal needs.