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How to Choose a Lamp Shade

Choosing the right lamp shade for your lamp can seem impossible with the thousands of choices of lamp shade size, shape and fabric available. Our expert lighting staff at our Bellevue and Seattle lighting stores are ready and available to help you pick out the best shade for your lamp or we can even customize … Continue reading How to Choose a Lamp Shade

Lighting Techniques for Exteriors

Using the right techniques for lighting the exterior of your home or building can be really important.  Correct lighting techniques can help highlight important features as well as create depth and character to a home and yard. Here are some common techniques many designers use to balance the exterior of a structure: Highlighting: This is … Continue reading Lighting Techniques for Exteriors

Define a Room Using Light

There are many ways you can define a space or room. Sometimes people use furniture or room dividers to separate a space and “zone” it off. Many people use area rugs, accent walls, or goupings of furniture to separate one area from another.  One of the most effective (yet often forgotten about) ways to separate … Continue reading Define a Room Using Light

Custom Drum Pendant

Harold’s Lighting recently designed and installed this custom bronze organza and beige silk shade in a beautiful home in LaQuinta, California.  This beautiful home looks out over a lake located on the Arnold Palmer Course in PGA. We worked with the client to find the perfect custom color shade with the best fabric to complete … Continue reading Custom Drum Pendant

Vintage Chandeliers

Installing a vintage chandelier to a room or space can be a great way to add a touch of class and a lot of interest.  A chandelier is one of the ultimate symbols of elegance and grandeur and they can be installed in almost any room in your house. When deciding on which chandelier to … Continue reading Vintage Chandeliers

Custom Lamps

Finding or creating a custom lighting piece for your home or business can be a great way to add originality and uniqueness to a room or space. Both our Bellevue and Seattle Harold’s Lighting stores offer custom lighting solutions to customers every day. One of our more popular custom lighting requests lately has been to … Continue reading Custom Lamps

Our Shades in Gray Magazine!

One of our customers, Brian Pacquette of BP Interiors, was recently featured in Gray Magazine. Gray Magazine described his style as “classic-meets-modern” as he mixes more traditional pieces with more modern shapes.  All of the lamp shades in the photos featured in the magazine are from our Harold’s Lighting store in Seattle!  We think he … Continue reading Our Shades in Gray Magazine!

Decorative Lighting

As the last installment of our Finding Your Lighting Solutions spotlight on our blog, Decorative Lighting is the step where you put your finishing touches to the overall lighting of a room or space. Decorative Lighting gives you that chance to make a statement with a beautiful fixture or chandelier. Today there are so many different materials … Continue reading Decorative Lighting

Accent Lighting – Highlight Your Room’s Features

Accent Lighting (also called directional lighting) is used on top of other layers of lighting techniques to highlight features in a room.  It can be used to illuminate and spotlight certain objects or even special architectural areas of a room or space. Many people use accent lighting to “accentuate” their favorite things in a room: … Continue reading Accent Lighting – Highlight Your Room’s Features

Task Lighting – Shed Light on Your Daily Activities

Continuing with our Finding Your Lighting Solutions spotlight on our blog, Task Lighting would be your next layer to add to a space or room.  Task lighting illuminates areas where daily activities are done.  This type of lighting brightens up certain areas for activities that require brighter lights, like reading, cooking, personal grooming, and studying. Task lighting … Continue reading Task Lighting – Shed Light on Your Daily Activities