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Vintage Fresh Looks

Another big trend in lighting this year is “Vintage Fresh”.  This technique takes vintage light fixture silhouettes and puts a fresh twist on them. Vintage inspired rooms are extremely popular with interior designers, and can look very updated surprisingly.  A vintage fresh light fixture can work with modern, traditional, contemporary or any other style room. … Continue reading Vintage Fresh Looks

2014 Lighting Trends

It’s a new year, and with the new year brings new lighting trends. The lighting trends for 2014 have fresh options for any décor style. Whether your home has a traditional, contemporary, modern or transitional feel, you’ll be able to find lighting options that are on-trend and that complement the rest of your home. Here … Continue reading 2014 Lighting Trends

Custom Large Shades

We’ve got large showroom with hundreds of lighting options to choose from, but did you know we do custom work too? Our custom lighting department can build and design just about anything for your home or office.  Here’s some photos from a recent large custom shade project we did for the new Mars Hill in … Continue reading Custom Large Shades

Lighting in Children’s Bedrooms

Planning out decor and lighting for a child’s room can be really fun.  There are many styles and options of light fixtures to choose from and a variety of different color schemes to work for any child’s preference. Lighting is one of the most overlooked design and function element in every room  but it is … Continue reading Lighting in Children’s Bedrooms

Incandescent Bulb Facts

Consumers seem to get lost in the confusion surrounding regulations regarding incandescent light bulbs.  Incandescents were the standard just a few short years ago, but with energy regulations and the growth of environmental impact awareness, they seem to be on their way out. According to the American Lighting Association, incandescent light bulbs must now meet … Continue reading Incandescent Bulb Facts

LED Light Bulb Facts

LED light bulbs seem like they’re new technology, but did you know LEDs were first discovered in the 1920’s? These great standard light bulb alternatives save a ton of energy, and have little impact on the environment. LED (light emitting diodes) light bulbs have gotten a lot of good press recently, and rightfully so. If … Continue reading LED Light Bulb Facts

Light Appearance

Continuing with our bulb education theme, we’d like to talk about the “Light Appearance” section that shows up on lighting facts labels.  Light appearance is another great light measurement tool you should use when picking out which light bulb is right for your fixture and room. Light appearance is the color temperature that a bulb … Continue reading Light Appearance

Estimated Yearly Energy Use and Life

Continuing on with our bulb education theme, we wanted to explain what “Estimated Yearly Energy Use” means on a light bulb package.  It is one of the measurements, required by the FTC, on all light lighting labels. Estimated Yearly Energy Use on the lighting label is a dollar figure that is calculated based off of 3 … Continue reading Estimated Yearly Energy Use and Life

What are Lumens?

Most people outside of the lighting industry have a hard time picking out a light bulb at the store. There are many different factors (see previous post here) and so much more information on the side of each bulb’s box now that it may be hard to know what is actually relevant information.  Today we’ll … Continue reading What are Lumens?

Bulb Education

Every light fixture needs a bulb, but as a customer, knowing which type of bulb to choose can be challenging. There’s CFL, LED, and incandescents, and most homeowner’s don’t know the difference between them all. Luckily for consumers, every Lighting Facts label is required (by the FTC) to list the brightness, estimated yearly energy cost, … Continue reading Bulb Education