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Light Appearance

Continuing with our bulb education theme, we’d like to talk about the “Light Appearance” section that shows up on lighting facts labels.  Light appearance is another great light measurement tool you should use when picking out which light bulb is right for your fixture and room. Light appearance is the color temperature that a bulb … Continue reading Light Appearance

Estimated Yearly Energy Use and Life

Continuing on with our bulb education theme, we wanted to explain what “Estimated Yearly Energy Use” means on a light bulb package.  It is one of the measurements, required by the FTC, on all light lighting labels. Estimated Yearly Energy Use on the lighting label is a dollar figure that is calculated based off of 3 … Continue reading Estimated Yearly Energy Use and Life

What are Lumens?

Most people outside of the lighting industry have a hard time picking out a light bulb at the store. There are many different factors (see previous post here) and so much more information on the side of each bulb’s box now that it may be hard to know what is actually relevant information.  Today we’ll … Continue reading What are Lumens?

Bulb Education

Every light fixture needs a bulb, but as a customer, knowing which type of bulb to choose can be challenging. There’s CFL, LED, and incandescents, and most homeowner’s don’t know the difference between them all. Luckily for consumers, every Lighting Facts label is required (by the FTC) to list the brightness, estimated yearly energy cost, … Continue reading Bulb Education

Tiffany Sale!

This is day 3 of our annual Tiffany art glass Sale.  We have an original Louis Comfort Tiffany Pendant fixture on display for the week along with savings of 30% to 50% off. Stop on by our Seattle or Bellevue showrooms today to check out our extensive selection of Tiffany lamps, pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps … Continue reading Tiffany Sale!

Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

Semi-flush and flush ceiling light fixtures are staples in lighting design.  They add depth, interest, and provide adequate overall ambient light to a room. Semi-flush lights are suspended from the ceiling, with a small gap between the fixture and the ceiling while flush mounts are secured tightly to the ceiling. Choosing which one will suit … Continue reading Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

Wall Sconce – What is it?

A wall sconce is a light fixture that is attached in a way that only uses a wall for support.  There are no wires dangling to a socket and they are not suspended from anything. They can be very lovely to look at and also provide a great source of light. Wall sconces are typically … Continue reading Wall Sconce – What is it?

Vanity Lights – What are they?

Vanity lights are a bathroom’s best friend.  Also known as vanity bars, these light fixtures are designed to bring the focal point of the bathroom to the mirror and shed bright light so that grooming tasks can be done. Vanity lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and finishes and can even be … Continue reading Vanity Lights – What are they?

Lighting For Each Room In Your Home

When thinking about your lighting options for your home, you should always try and mix different light sources at different levels to create a good balance and flatter the features of the room. We’ve broken down a few tips for each room in the home to help you achieve lighting greatness. Living Room Use a … Continue reading Lighting For Each Room In Your Home

Selecting the Best Lighting For Your Home

Most homeowner’s overlook the impact good lighting can have on their home’s overall atmosphere and feeling. You typically don’t notice lighting in a room if it’s well done, but when it’s not done well, it can pull the eye in a negative way. Lighting is first and foremost designed just to help you see the … Continue reading Selecting the Best Lighting For Your Home