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Functional Outdoor Lighting Benefits

Whether you’re having an outdoor party, just hanging out with the family, or walking around the outside of your home, it’s important to have proper outdoor lighting to illuminate your landscape areas.  There are many different kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures, and they can serve multiple purposes. It’s important to think about what outdoor lighting … Continue reading Functional Outdoor Lighting Benefits

Floor Lamps

If you live in an older home, it’s likely that your living room wasn’t designed to accommodate a ceiling light fixture. So your room may feel dark and dreary, but don’t fret, you’ve got options.  Floor lamps are a great option for rooms that need extra light, but don’t have a lot of space. Not … Continue reading Floor Lamps

Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mount light fixtures are one of the most common types of lighting fixtures available on the market.  Their low profile look stays out of the way, and there are many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Flush mount ceiling lights are just what they sound like: they blend in with ceiling without being … Continue reading Flush Mount Lighting

Vanity Lighting

We spend more time in the powder room than we ever did before.  Personal grooming standards have shot up and our bodies and images are under a microscope. Having proper lighting in your bathroom vanity area is essential to make sure you get the job done right and get it done quickly! Today’s more luxurious … Continue reading Vanity Lighting

Custom Light Fixtures – A Work of Art!

Light fixtures can be made out of just about anything. A custom piece can really bring a unique feature to a room or space, or it can help preserve a piece of the past or a family heirloom.  Custom light fixtures are oftentimes one of the homeowner’s most special items of decor in their homes … Continue reading Custom Light Fixtures – A Work of Art!

Using Mirrors to Balance Light in a Room

Light plays a major role in any size room.  A lot times it’s hard to balance out the light distribution in a room because there aren’t enough sources or locations to install light fixtures.  This is where mirrors can come in.  Mirrors not only provide a great decorating touch to a room, they can actually … Continue reading Using Mirrors to Balance Light in a Room

Track Lighting Basics

There are many benefits to having track lighting installed in your home.  Track lighting can look amazing as well as provide ample illumination to certain areas of your room or space.  Track lighting gives you control over where light is distributed because most fixtures are adjustable and flexible. Track lighting comes in many different sizes, … Continue reading Track Lighting Basics

Benefits of a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans with lights can be a huge lifesaver in these hot summer months as well as provide multiple benefits year round.  They can provide cooling, aid with air circulation, and provide ambient lighting while looking great with the rest of your room or space. Ceiling fans can be used in almost any room in … Continue reading Benefits of a Ceiling Fan

Golf Fore Red

Harold’s Lighting recently sponsored a hole in the Golf Fore Red Tournament at Redmond Ridge Golf Course.  Golf Fore Red is a fundraising golf tournament that donates the proceeds to help fight against heart disease, the #1 killer in the United States for women. From their website: “Since inception in 2007, Golf Fore Red has … Continue reading Golf Fore Red

Recessed Lighting Basics

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or just looking to add more light to a room, using recessed lighting can really be a great option.  Recessed lights can add function and style to many different room sizes and purposes. Recessed lights can offer a clean, sleek look in a room. The lights do … Continue reading Recessed Lighting Basics