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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue, WA.  We hope you take some time this week to celebrate this great planet we live on! Each year many people around the world take time to evaluate their impact on the planet and adjust their daily habits to reduce their “footprint”. Obviously, we love … Continue reading Happy Earth Day!

Choosing a Ceiling Fan

Energy and fuel costs are on the rise again making ceiling fans a great option for those who want an easy way to cut down their home’s energy consumption. Ceiling fans not only help circulate cool air in the summertime, they can help move warmer air around in the winter making them a great asset … Continue reading Choosing a Ceiling Fan

Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Many interior designers are called upon to “fix” an area or room in a home, and many times all they really need to do is change up the client’s existing lighting situation. Sometimes knowing what not to do when redoing your lighting can help your home look like an experienced designer was there to help out. Below … Continue reading Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Interior Design with Lighting

Lighting is a major component for every properly designed interior. It can change the mood of a space and even make a room look larger. Interior designers use different fixture types with proper placement to achieve the perfect balance. Lighting can change the color of a room by enhancing existing features or highlighting pieces of … Continue reading Interior Design with Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Issues

The issues you face with lighting problems indoors are different than the problems you’ll face with exterior lighting. While you may have reflection and glare issues indoors, that may not be your problem outdoors. Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight architecture, plant life, and provide illumination in areas that need it at night. Exterior … Continue reading Outdoor Lighting Issues

Interior Lighting Tips for Each Room

Special attention should be given to each room in your home when it comes to lighting. Using a mix of light sources, creating a layering effect, and using appropriate task lighting in certain areas can help you achieve the right balance. Living Room The living room is a place where we spend a lot of … Continue reading Interior Lighting Tips for Each Room

Harold’s Lighting on Apartment Therapy!

Check out this article on Apartment Therapy — interviewing our very own, Lara Proctor! Our lighting associate, Lara Proctor, was interviewed by Apartment Therapy and featured in the article “Expert Advice: Professional tips for Lighting Your Home“. This great article give tips about using layers of light, recycling pieces, using dimmers, and much more! Check it out:

Bathroom Lighting

Good lighting in your bathroom is very important. It can be a little tricky to get right, however.  The bathroom is the place where effective task lighting is very important as many detailed oriented and even sometimes dangerous activities are performed. Many people don’t give enough thought for lighting in the bathroom and this room … Continue reading Bathroom Lighting

Tips For Lighting Artwork

A good piece of art can bring life and interest to a room. Shedding light on this piece of art can get a little tricky. The temperature of the bulb or the proximity of the fixture can damage the artwork or alter the look of the colors. Whether you want to use in-frame lighting, track … Continue reading Tips For Lighting Artwork

New Light Fixtures – Not Just For Function

We talk a lot about how each type of light fixture can add more light here and there, but it’s important to remember how much the right fixture can add to the decor of a room.  A well matched light fixture in a room with complimenting decor can really round out the look and complete … Continue reading New Light Fixtures – Not Just For Function