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Harold’s Lighting History – A video!

Harold’s Lighting has been providing quality lighting services for the people of the Greater Seattle area for 60 years! Our dedication to customer satisfaction and customer service is what sets us apart from other lighting stores and lighting repair shops. Amidst the Great Depression, Harvey Hansen began selling and manufacturing lamp shades. He went up and … Continue reading Harold’s Lighting History – A video!


General, Task and Accent Lighting

General, task and accent are the staple lighting types for lighting design. We talk a lot about them on our blog (like here, here and here), but that’s because they’re very important! General, task and accent lighting should be used in just about every room and everywhere in your home! Using different layers of these … Continue reading General, Task and Accent Lighting

Living Room Guide Title

Layout Guide for the Living Room

Are you planning on making some changes to the layout of your living room? Choosing the right layout for what you want to achieve can be pretty difficult. Knowing where to start is typically the problem most homeowners encounter. We’ve got a few tips for you, depending on what your overall goals are. Are you … Continue reading Layout Guide for the Living Room

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View a video tour of our Seattle lighting store!

Check out this quick video tour of our lighting store in Seattle, Washington. Our Wallingford lighting store has been serving the residents of Seattle with the highest quality lighting products and lighting repair services for over 60 years! The tour shows our full showroom as well as some changes we have coming for the Seattle … Continue reading View a video tour of our Seattle lighting store!


Recessed Downlighting Housing Info

Once you’ve figured out where you want your recessed downlights to be (if you need help with that, check out this post» ), now you’ve got to figure out what you need in order to install these fixtures. Most recessed lighting fixtures require you to purchase a few different pieces.  Depending on what type of recessed … Continue reading Recessed Downlighting Housing Info

Modern Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Fixtures

Most homeowners select their ceiling fan based on style and price. These factors are important, but other features should be considered before purchasing a fan for your home. Ceiling fans should be rated based on many things, including: motor, blades, airflow, efficiency and design. The quality of the ceiling fan is very important. This typically comes … Continue reading Ceiling Fan Fixtures


Recessed Lighting Tips

Planning the layout of recessed lighting seems to be a frustrating task for many homeowners. Knowing how many lights (cans, pot lights, downlights, etc) to put in and where to put them is important. We’ve broken down a few tips for planning recessed lighting in any space:  Plan, Plan, Plan! Start by taking measurements of … Continue reading Recessed Lighting Tips


Lighting is Everything in Business

We’ve said it before, proper lighting is essential for every space. Well planned lighting connects people to the experience of the space. Think back to a really memorable experience (concert, romantic dinner, party, etc.), can you remember how you felt? What was the lighting situation? Do you think it had an effect on your mood? You … Continue reading Lighting is Everything in Business


Choosing the right color LED

Incandescents are known for giving off a pleasant, warm (yellowish) light. LEDs, however, come in a variety of different colors. Getting to know your different LED lighting options for your home or office is important for setting the right mood. LEDs come in a wide range of color options. From purple to red, and a … Continue reading Choosing the right color LED


Types of Lampshades

Lampshades come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We found this cool infographic that breaks down the most popular shapes and also shows you how they’re measured: If you need help selecting the right shade for your light fixture, come in or call us today. We have a huge selection of lamp shades in … Continue reading Types of Lampshades