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The History of Harold’s Lighting!

For over 60 years, Harold’s Lighting has been providing the residents of the Greater Seattle area with amazing lighting products and custom lighting solutions. We’ve been blessed to have the best customers in the nation, and have always put customer satisfaction above any of our other business goals. Our customer service and extensive lighting knowledge … Continue reading The History of Harold’s Lighting!


Modern Chandeliers

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about modern branch chandeliers, and while we love the look of a branched out chandelier, they’re not for everyone. Modern chandeliers and pendants come in so many different shapes and sizes, finishes and styles. Our modern lighting showroom in Seattle carries a wide variety of modern chandeliers, and … Continue reading Modern Chandeliers


Exterior light fixtures online

Proper lighting for your home’s exterior is important. We’ve written about that before here and here. Did you know our online store sells a huge variety of outdoor post lighting, outdoor pendants and outdoor wall lanterns? Here’s just a small sample of the exterior light fixtures we sell online here:   Whether you’re looking for outdoor pendants, outdoor post … Continue reading Exterior light fixtures online


Harold’s Time Machine

Ever wonder what you were doing last year at this time? We do! And lucky for us, we’ve got Facebook to help us out! This is what we were doing last year, yesterday: Harold’s was LIVE on Facebook! Just another rainy Saturday in the Seattle lighting shop! Watch Cheryl in receiving while Kim takes us … Continue reading Harold’s Time Machine


Happy Valentine’s Day From Harold’s Lighting!

It can be argued that Valentine’s Day is just a dumb holiday made up by corporations in order to make an extra buck. That may be true, but what good does it do dwelling on it? We like think of this fun holiday as a good time to think about the people we love in … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day From Harold’s Lighting!


Modern Branch Chandeliers

Chandeliers or pendants with “branches” are popping up in every modern home around the country, and we can see why! These beautiful, modern light fixtures add depth and interest to any space. Interior designers are loving the versatility of these fixtures, and are putting them in just about every room of the house. Our lighting … Continue reading Modern Branch Chandeliers


Foyer / Hall Lanterns in our Online Store!

Selecting the right light fixture for your entryway or foyer can seem challenging, but we’ve got an extensive selection of styles and sizes to help you find the perfect fixture! Good entryway lighting is your chance to make a great first impression. The right lighting in your foyer can help your guests feel welcome and … Continue reading Foyer / Hall Lanterns in our Online Store!


Make your home feel brighter this winter.

Some of you may now be feeling like winter is never going to end. These dark days can really take a toll on your emotional well being. We’ve come up with a few ways you can make your home feel brighter. #1. Remove your window screens. Chances are, you won’t be needing to open your … Continue reading Make your home feel brighter this winter.


Have you checked out our selection of bathroom lighting on our online store?

Harold’s has an amazing and extensive Seattle light fixture showroom, but did you know you can buy just about any of our fixtures online too? We spend a lot of our lives in the bathroom, wether we want to admit it or not. Proper lighting in this space is vital for safety and for upholding high … Continue reading Have you checked out our selection of bathroom lighting on our online store?

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We love lighting, but maybe not as much as this lady!

A friend of ours sent us this amazing video of an Englishwoman and her love for lighting, specifically chandeliers. Take a look at it here: Now, we have a deep love for amazing light fixtures and chandeliers, and have been Seattle lighting specialists for over 50 years, but we’re not sure even we’d take it this … Continue reading We love lighting, but maybe not as much as this lady!