Billiard Table Lights

poolBilliard table light fixtures (also called pool table light fixtures) are installed above pool tables to shed light on the game below as well as creating a warm atmosphere throughout the room.  Pool table light fixtures come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, and can add a touch of class to a room as well as illuminating the table below for endless billiard fun.

Billiard table lights are designed mostly to keep your pool table illuminated and bright enough for no shadows to be created.  Pool players need a clear line of sight while playing the game, and proper illumination is required for precision.  It’s also important that the light isn’t too blinding and that it doesn’t cause a glare while a player is focusing on making a shot.

lightTiffany style light fixtures are a very common choice for pool table lighting, as they provide enough warm light and a classic look to the room. Most billiard table light fixtures come with multiple shades in a line to create an even distribution of light.  They typically range from 3-5 shades that can come in a variety of finishes and colors.  Custom pool table lights can be made as well to go with the remainder of the room.

pool2Installing pool table lights correctly is very important.  Pay special attention to the height of the table as well as how low the lights will be hanging.  You want the lights to be out of the way of play but close enough to get rid of any shadows.  Typically, expert lighting installers will leave around 31-33 inches from of the top of your pool table to the bottom of the lowest lamp shade.  Using an expert to install these light fixtures is highly recommended as the height at which they are placed is very important.

If you’re looking for a billiard table light fixture for your home, office or pool hall, Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue has many options to choose from as well as the capability to custom make the fixtures in house.  Call or stop by today to speak with an expert lighting specialist.