Bathroom Lighting

Good lighting in your bathroom is very important. It can be a little tricky to get right, however.  The bathroom is the place where effective task lighting is very important as many detailed oriented and even sometimes dangerous activities are performed. Many people don’t give enough thought for lighting in the bathroom and this room sadly rarely lives up to it’s potential.

bathroomWe call the bathroom “restroom” because it should be a place where one can actually rest and feel comfortable. Correct lighting can help achieve a feeling of peace in this room while still being functional. A series of layers should be used to achieve maximum benefit and if possible, the use of dimming devices can also help out.

Broadway style lights are classic and very effective over a mirror.

Personal grooming activities such as shaving, plucking, makeup application and so on, require good task lighting with minimal shadows.  This can be achieved by using vertical sconces along side the mirror (depending on how wide the area is), or by using the ever popular “broadway” light bar. These types of light fixtures can help cast an even layer of maximum light across the face and upper body.

Great Sconces for any Bathroom Style at Harold’s Lighting

Good lighting in the shower/tub area is also very important. These areas can be dangerous with razors, slippery floors and sharp edges and proper illumination of these areas is a must for safety. Adequate overhead light is important, and if possible, lights from other sources, such as sconces, may be used.

Harold’s Lighting in Bellevue and Seattle has many different bathroom lighting fixtures to choose from in our huge showrooms. We can custom order and make a light fixture to work specifically with your bathroom or any other room in your home.  Call or stop on by today!