Ambient Lighting

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Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, is the most basic type of lighting. It is typically a designers first step to establish a good base of ambient lighting before they continue with designing or decorating the rest of a room or space.

Ambient lighting provides general illumination to a room. It fills the room with a glow, a comforting level of brightness without pulling your eye to a certain area or space. Ambient lighting doesn’t cause a glare and basically creates a “glow” in the space.

Many different lighting fixture types can be used to produce ambient light. The most common types are ceiling fixtures, recessed lighting, wall fixtures, and track lighting. Chandeliers and floor and table lamps are also sometimes used to establish the baseline ambient light level.

Ambient light helps create a comfortable and inviting feeling in almost any space.  After you have your ambient light figured out, you can start layering other lighting types for different effects.

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