Ambient Lighting – Your First Step

When finding the right lighting solutions for your room or entire house, thinking about ambient lighting is typically the first place to start.  Ambient Lighting is our first post in our Finding Your Lighting Solutions spotlight on our blog.

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Ambient Lighting, also known as general lighting, is the most basic type of lighting.  It provides a room or area with general illumination.  It provides a comforting level of brightness without pulling your eye anywhere specific.  There’s no glare, and there’s a sense of a “glow” throughout the room or area.

Many designers use chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, track lights, recessed lights, wall fixtures, and floor and table lamps to achieve a good balance of ambient lighting.  They use these light sources as a base for which they add layers of other types of lighting to achieve the perfect balance to a room or space.

Stay tuned to learn about other types of lighting right here on our blog!