Accent Lighting – Highlight Your Room’s Features

Accent Lighting (also called directional lighting) is used on top of other layers of lighting techniques to highlight features in a room.  It can be used to illuminate and spotlight certain objects or even special architectural areas of a room or space.

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Many people use accent lighting to “accentuate” their favorite things in a room: a painting, plant, sculpture, custom woodwork, architectural features or decorative adornments.  Accent lighting illuminates the area without standing out too much.  Typically, it is meant to be 3 times brighter than the rest of the illuminated room, but shouldn’t be glaring or distracting to the eye.

Accent lighting is generally achieved with using track lighting, dim-able chandeliers, recessed ceiling lights, and sconces.  The key to using accent lighting is to subtly draw the eye to the showcase area to spark interest.  Accent lights shouldn’t be obvious or over powering and should be used sparingly.

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