About Sconces

Wall sconces (sometimes called wall lights) are very versatile and there is a wide variety of styles, sizes and shapes to choose from. They can be used in many different rooms and spaces and can be that last touch of decoration that you need.

The most common places for sconces to be used are in the hallway or entry way. Sconces are also typically placed above or to the sides of a bed or sofa.  There are many different types of sconces including: armed candle sconces, flush to the wall sconces, half moon sconces, and specialty sconces.

When used in the hallway, sconces should typically be placed at least 6 feet apart from one another.  This will allow for plenty of space for the light to spread while not looking cluttered.

If you’re looking to place sconces in a large room it is a good idea to use them only as a secondary light source.  These rooms should have a primary light source (such as recessed ceiling lights, a pendant or chandelier) and use the sconces as a way to provide another layer of light and highlight a feature in the room, such as a painting, piano or special architectural detail.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can use sconces to put the finishing details on a room’s overall look and feel.  Our expert lighting professionals at Harold’s Lighting in Seattle and Bellevue can help you find the right size, shape and textured sconce for your specific room or space.