About Pendants

Hanging lights (also known as pendants) can be a designers tool to create a mood in any space.  Pendants come in so many different styles and sizes and can help you express your sense of style.

Pendants: In the lighting world, a pendant is a lighting fixture that is mounted typically with a chain, stem or cable that hangs from the ceiling into a space.

A chandelier is technically a type of pendant, but it is usually placed in a category all its own.  The term “pendant” is typically used when describing one of these types of lighting fixtures:

  • Bowl Pendants: Bowl pendants are great for lage spaces because they can provide a great deal of soft overall lighting to a large area.  They are called bowl pendants because of their shape – they look like a bowl with an open top.
  • Bell Pendants: Bell pendants are a great option for entryways and foryers. They are shaped like a bell (hence the name) and come in many different styles and shapes.  Bell pendants give the room a classic and traditional feel.
  • Drum Pendants: Drum pendants are an easy and affordable way to add light and depth to any room. They can be large or small and the drum can be covered with just about any fabric.  These pendants look like a lamp shade hanging from the ceiling and are shaped like a drum with a flat top and bottom and circular sides (cylinder).
  • Mini Pendants: Mini pendants come in all shapes but are typically small in size.  These lights are great in restaurants, cafes, over the kitchen bar, island or over pool tables.  They provide light while adding accent areas of focus to a room.
Mini Pendant Light
Beautiful Glass Blown Mini Penant in our Showroom
Mini Pendant Lights
Cluster of Mini Pendants in our Showroom
Drum Pendant
Drum Pendant







As you can see, the term “pendant” can cover a variety of different types of lighting fixtures.  They can be made from lamp shades and fabric or even blown glass.  Pendant lights can be used indoors and out and can really add interest and depth to a room or space.