Party Lighting!

Summer’s just right around the corner, and you know what that means – Parties!!  More entertaining is done in the summer than other times during the year.  So if you’ve got a party at your home coming up – don’t forget about the lighting!  Most people focus on the food, music, and decorations, but they forget that good lighting can be essential to set the mood and provide the perfect ambience for a get-together.

Good lighting can bring people closer together and create a more comfortable atmosphere.  It can even make a small room look bigger. Keep these tips in mind when thinking about party preparations:

  • Keep the Lighting Low and Soft: Use 40 watt bulbs or lower in your fixtures around the rooms that guests will be congregating in.  Replace the bulbs you currently have to create the “mood”. If you have a dimmer, set it at a lower level than you normally would.
  • Layer Lighting Sources: Use indirect lighting to layer different sources. Lighter lamp shades (opaque) help redirect harsh light out of guest’s eyes.
  • Create a Focal Point: If you have a special piece of art or architecture show it off! If you don’t you can use uplights behind different things like plants or furniture to create drama in a room.  These uplights can cast cool shadows against the wall or ceiling.

These are just a few tips for lighting at parties.  Ask one of our expert lighting staff at our Seattle or Bellevue stores today for more tips or ideas!