Island Light Fixtures

Island light fixtures are great for above a kitchen island, a kitchen bar, or even above a pool table! Like other light fixtures, there are many standard island light fixtures home builders use when they build the home–that doesn’t mean you have to keep them!

Island light fixtures give you the opportunity to get a little creative. These light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling (like pendants) to illuminate the are below. Because the fixtures are suspended, they’re more likely to be seen than traditional ceiling flush mounts. That’s why it’s important that you not only use island light fixtures that fit the space, but ones that will compliment the rest of the room’s decor as well as your personal taste.

From traditional Tiffany’s style billiard pendants to branch like modern island fixtures, you’re going to have a lot to choose from. Below is just a sampling of a few of our island light pendant fixtures that we sell online and in our Seattle lighting store:

Our Seattle lighting experts are ready to help you find the style, size and finish that you really want and your space actually needs. Check out our island lighting section online or stop by our Seattle light fixture store today!

Replace your boring flush ceiling mounts!

We think it’s time to say “No!” to boring, standard ceiling flush mount light fixtures! Flush mount ceiling light fixtures are the most commonly used fixture across homes in the United States–yours don’t have to be just like everyone else’s!

When someone needs a ceiling fixture they typically turn to flush mounts and semi-flush mounts from their local hardware store. While this may be an okay option for some, why live with ordinary? Change out your standard, dated, boring flush mount light fixtures for one with personality.

You may think that the ceiling light fixture options at the hardware store are your most affordable option. Have you even looked at other styles at other places to see how much they cost? You’d be surprised! There are THOUSANDS of different flush mount and semi flush mount ceiling light fixtures in different styles to choose from, all at the same price (or cheaper) than the familiar standbys at your home improvement stores.

As we’ve stated before in previous posts, refreshing your home’s decor could be as easy as just replacing a light fixture or two. You’d be amazed at what a difference it can make. This is especially true for ceiling flush fixtures. If yours are even slightly different than the standard flush mounts you see everywhere people will notice! You’ve got so many options to choose from–sizes, colors, finishes, styles, get what you really want.

Here are just a few of our semi-flush and flush mount fixtures we have available at our Seattle Light Fixture Store.

Have something else in mind? We also specialize in creating custom ceiling light fixtures! Our lighting technicians can help you build a custom fixture that compliments the rest or your space. We can customize it all! The materials, fabrics and finishes are all up to you! Contact our custom light fixture department in Seattle for any custom lighting projects.

Harold’s Lighting store in Seattle has a huge selection of ceiling flush mounts and semi flush mounts in our showroom and online. Shop flush mounts online here or stop by our store to see your possibilities in person.

Harold’s Lighting in Apartment Therapy!

apartment-therapyThis week we’re throwing it back to just over 4 years ago, when Harold’s Lighting store in Seattle was in Apartment Therapy! Our very own Lara Proctor, an expert in lighting at our Wallingford, Seattle location gives tips on lighting spaces in an March 2014 article on their site.

The article, Expert Advice: Professional Tips for Lighting Your Home, outlines some tips for lighting and goes over common mistakes. The Apartment Therapy article talks about using different types of lighting, using dimmers, switching out bulbs, and picking the right sized fixtures. Lara is an expert in lighting and we’re so happy to have her on our Harold’s Lighting store team.


We’re so proud to have such knowledgeable staff and amazing clients. Our Seattle lighting store has been around for over 50 years and we hope to provide the best lighting services for many more!