Live Video – Hubbardton Forge Products

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we love Hubbardton Forge products! We also love sharing things with our friends on social media!

Check out this Facebook Live video we did a few weeks ago spotlighting the new Hubbardton Forge fixtures we have in our showroom:

Hubbardton Forge makes some of the highest quality light fixtures in the industry. Their innovative and inspiring products have been a great addition to many homes of clients of ours in the Greater Seattle area. Stop by our lighting store showroom in Seattle today to see these amazing light fixtures in person!

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Pinterest is a great source for homeowners, or future homeowners, to use for inspiration for planning their next project. While many people use the site for clothing and recipes, search around for home decor, furniture and lighting – you may be surprised at what is out there!

If you need help with lighting fixture planning on your next home project, call or stop by our lighting store in Seattle, WA today!

3 Reasons to Sleep with a Bedroom Ceiling Fan

We’ve heard it from everywhere – getting a good night’s rest is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. The benefits of sleeping well are obvious. What does a bedroom ceiling fan have to do with sleep? Let us tell you!

Air Circulation

Proper air circulation is important for any home. Creating a good and safe breathing environment is essential for a peaceful nights rest. Good air circulation keeps the air cleaner and prevents mold, removes airborne irritants and eliminate pesky odors.

White Noise

White noise has been proven effective to help people get to sleep and stay asleep longer. A good ceiling fan can help create a soothing sound and block out disturbances.


Temperature Control

Whether you like it warm or cold in your bedroom while you sleep, finding the right temperature that you feel comfortable at is imperative for a good nights rest. Ceiling fans can help regulate the temperature in the room in the summer AND winter. Depending on the direction of the blades and rotation, you can pull air from the floor up or push air from the ceiling down. Knowing how to work your fan to get the right temperature can help you sleep soundly.

Harold’s Lighting store in Seattle has ceiling fans of all different sizes and styles for bedrooms, living rooms and offices. Stop by our showroom and check them out today!


Light Switch Plates

Most homeowners don’t put light switch plates in their design plans. While they aren’t the most important decision to consider while designing your lighting options in your home or office, it’s important to know that you’ve got options!

Switch plates may be small, but we use them every day and they’re all over our homes. Installing the right switches for your space can increase functionality and create a cohesive style.

Light switch plates come in a variety of configurations, colors, finishes and styles. Figuring out what you need as far as configuration is your first step in choosing the right light fixture switch plate. Will this switch just control one light? Is there an option for other outlets in the same place? Do you want a dimmer and can it be installed in this location? These are all questions you should ask yourself first.

Here are some very basic examples of different switches that are commonly used:


Next, you can look into your styling options. Light switch plates can come in different styles, ranging from modern to classic to contemporary. The actual switch itself is another option to consider. Do you like the classic toggle or do you prefer the flat switches? Do you want it to match the rest of your home or is now a good time to switch them all out?

Check out what we have online for sale here, and stop by our store to see even more options!